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S29.E08: Double Elimination Night -- Use Your Vote!

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On 11/3/2020 at 12:43 AM, MsJamieDornan said:

And she certainly knows better.


          Maybe, Cheryl Was Too Upset To Really Work On The Rumba ! ! The Two Exclamation Points Are For Jeannie And Their Addiction Experiences ! !

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On 11/3/2020 at 1:29 PM, Morrigan said:

Finally watched - I've been pouting about losing my eye candy Gleb, but she really was bad. The worst, I guess - such an awkward mover and those feet. Maybe those who blame Gleb are right - I'm not good at judging these things. I 'think' what happened was he was on DWTS with Derek, who made mini-spectacles of his dances sometimes, and also hid his partner's flaws. I remember a dance Derek did with Maria Menounos - I think she was injured? He LITERALLY carried her through the whole thing... BUT, Derek did his smoke and mirrors very very cleverly, and Gleb isn't that talented. But I do think Gleb thinks the whole point is a "sleight of hand" or sham of a dance - and he's sorta right (think of all the women dancing around their partners like a pole dancer.)

Oh I need to shut up. He may suck but he's pretty. And I loved their good-natured smiles at the end and his little kick towards the audience. And I'm glad the judges didn't stitch them up - if anything, it looked like they were trying to dump Nelly. Who didn't bother me as much as usual - I think he just has an awkward personality, which I can relate to, so ok, that's who he is. He's not gonna smile glibly when he's nervous or bored or miserable lol. And he did try with the rumba, with floaty arms (more or less). He's the worst left but he was trying - he's not a Master P.

Can't relate to Kaitlyn - reminds me of Eeyore. But speaking of cartoonish characters - Johnny! I'm watching because he's on, but those high water pants, sleeveless suit jacket, stupid poofy hair -- I swear, with both dances, I felt like I was watching an old episode of the Marx Brothers or the Three Stooges, where's he's the kook of the bunch. I do not understand his need to look like a clown. Oh well, he's better than Chrishell or Nelly for sure - and also AJ who I find to be too choppy/jerky and his nervousness makes me nervous.

And would Nev please put that hairy chest away? I keep expecting them to show him on a beach, wearing a mankini like Borat. Do y'all find him to be a heart-throb? I know these things can be subjective.

I'm trying to not natter on and on... but I have to say that Tyra has actually grown on me. And I know that's hypocritical after calling Johnny clownish, but she was a model, which is a silly profession, so just go with it honey -- do it for the big girls!! She's better than I expected anyway -- I never saw her in anything else - thought she'd be all ego but, eh, she's ok. Of course Tom was better, but it is what it is. I'm resigned. (and glad Bruno's still there because it feels like a new show, but that's ok with me)


          There Is Nothing Wrong With Being A Model, But Not On A Dance Show ! I Think Erin Is Better, But Erin IS A Sports Reporter So She Interviews Athletes Like Foot Ball Players !

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On 11/3/2020 at 11:41 AM, thesupremediva1 said:

Gutted about Jeannie. She was my favorite, along with AJ. Brandon is such a great guy and a smart choreographer, I hope he soon gets a contender who can go the distance. 

Not loving Kaitlyn and I never liked her as Bachelorette, but I want Artem to make the finals.

Nev and Jenna are grossly overscored. So is Shai, but I love Alan, so it doesn't grate as much.

Nelly must have a huge fanbase. He is the weakest link left. That said I've liked him for 20 years and he seems like a genuinely sweet guy, so I don't mind him sticking around. But... he looks bored and over it. 

Still want Johnny Weir in the finals. He always entertains me.

I couldn't stand Derek as a pro but I love him as a judge. I think that's the correct side of the table for him. Carrie Ann is kind of an ass to female contestants and I'm ready for her to get the boot. I'd suffer through Julianne if it meant no Carrie Ann. 

Tyra, and her dress, are much too much.



           Derek IS A Judge On World OF Dance ! Jennifer Lopez And Neyo Are The Other Judges ! ! Jennifer Is Also a Producer On World OF Dance ! She Sits In The Middle And Runs The Show !

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On 11/3/2020 at 1:51 PM, Emily-D said:

The way he spoke up during the judges and comments and then to the media afterwards, I honestly don't think I've ever seen Artem so angry on the show. He was ying to explain his opinion on why CAI was judging Kaitlyn the way she was, but you could just tell that he was holding back what he really wanted to say and was burning up inside. I feel like he's starting to feel the pressure, as he knows this is almost certainly his one and only chance to make it to the end on this show and CAI's comments/docking points could well be the reason he doesn't make it.


         Also, Kaitlyn and Artem Were Doing A Jive And You CAN Do A Lift When You Are Doing The Jive !

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On 11/3/2020 at 8:03 PM, Callaphera said:

I guess I'm the only one who really liked Tyra's first dress. I've been seeing some poofy tulle dresses showing up here and there lately (usually short). It could have used more cinching in the middle to show off the extreme proportions of it but the yellow looked fantastic on her and I loved the drama of it. I did think that it would have been more appropriate on Disney night because it immediately reminded me of Belle's yellow ball gown but it was still fun. The second one was oddly fitted on the bottom but that first one? I wish she had worn that the entire night. 


          I Don't Remember How Tyra Looked On Disney Night, BUT, I Thought Tyra Looked Real Good On Villains Night Which I Considered Halloween Night !

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On 11/3/2020 at 8:54 PM, McManda said:

This is going to date me here but ...

except when it doesn't. Waay back in season two or three Cameron Mathison served as basically a table for Edyta to do a handstand on. Carrie Ann called it a lift. The same "lift" happened again a season or two later (with Edyta or Cheryl? I can't remember).

If we're calling an assisted back tuck a lift (but not an unassisted back tuck), by the same argument any time a dancer is dragged across the floor should also be a lift. Sure, their feet never leave the floor, but it's not something that one could accomplish under one's own power. 

Point is, Carrie Ann is horribly inconsistent with what even she defines as a lift. It's been argued by tptb that the lift rule is in place to protect the dancers from injury ... except In the dancers that allow more dangerous lifts. 🙄🙄



           I Think That Certain Dances Like The Rumba, Tango, Waltz Or Foxtrot Can Not Have A Lift So That You Flow To The Music ! Other Dances Like The Jive CAN Have A Lift And Then You Can Do Lifts In Free Style Which Are On The Finales ! !

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11 hours ago, Jody said:


           I Think That Certain Dances Like The Rumba, Tango, Waltz Or Foxtrot Can Not Have A Lift So That You Flow To The Music ! Other Dances Like The Jive CAN Have A Lift And Then You Can Do Lifts In Free Style Which Are On The Finales ! !

Lifts are not allowed in a jive.

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