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S01.E08: James 4:1

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Airs 11/16/2020


On the night of Antonio's big fight, tensions run high in the Monreaux family, and when Rose runs into her ex-fiancé, old wounds from the past are reopened, leaving many unanswered questions. Meanwhile, Becky contemplates her relationship with Eric and Hagamond finally makes his move.


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  • 3 weeks later...

 Yes, the reporter is dead. 

 There's just a lot going on in this show and things just move too quickly.  There's no time for ramifications of these big reveals or for character development. But I guess that we're stuck with Short Attention Span Theater anymore.  The Dynasty reboot tore about 3 years worth of plot in the original show in half a season. 

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They kept announcing "season finale" but my understanding is that the show has been cancelled.

I enjoyed the myriad of "secrets" that came out in this episode.  I really hope we get resolution of these stories if this is truly the end of the series.

I would really like to see the corrupt circle of men get found out.  I wonder if Monroe will get the reporter's story printed/reported.

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Come on reporter guy, when you find out the secrets of the shadowy conspiracy, you call people right away and tell them what you know, you don't wait to talk to them later! Come on, this is unearthing a conspiracy 101! 

There are so many plot twists and things going on that I end up getting whiplash, its so hard to keep up with everything. They keep throwing out the status quo, but they do it so often that we never even have a status quo to begin with!

Eric's girlfriend isn't a very good babysitter. 

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 The whole thing with the 1820 is kinda ridiculous.  It was fine when it was some group of rich guys from Louisiana.  But now these good ole boys are part of some cabal that spans the entire United States but virtually the entire world?   Yeah, totally believable.  Have they infiltrated Starfleet too?

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On 11/19/2020 at 9:28 AM, Silver Bells said:

I tried to watch because I love Kim Katrall.  This part just doesn’t suit her, and I could barely watch.  She should have waited for something better.



I disagree. I know people will always see her as Samantha, but I liked her in this role. It was a nice change and she played the part well.

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On 12/1/2020 at 1:27 AM, Agent 817 said:

I disagree. I know people will always see her as Samantha, but I liked her in this role. It was a nice change and she played the part well.

I agree with you, Agent 817.  I think Kim did great in this role and looked fabulous.  I just finished the last two episodes and hated to come on here and see that it had been canceled.   I was looking forward to seeing Margaret lead her motley flock into new successes.  I didn't see any of the plot points coming so there were great twists and turns. 

I can, however, live without ever seeing that weird under-chin beard guy again.  And still don't see what the attraction to Eugene, at any age, was.  

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