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Does Your Eyeball Unlock MTAC?

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6 minutes ago, Ohmo said:

NCIS EP Teases Big Gibbs Reveal, How It Will Affect Both Him and the Team

A reader on TVLine (not me) had a great bit of speculation about what the above article could be pointing to, and I think this reader might be right.

What if Emily is Gibbs' daughter and not Fornell's?  Diane kept it from him all of these years.

Aren't we supposed to see Diane again somehow?  Such a revelation would indeed shake Gibbs.


I’ve pretty much stopped watching, but isn’t Diane dead?

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1 hour ago, secnarf said:

That just says she will guest star - that shouldn't be a spoiler, since based on how the season finale ended, that should be a given. You don't pop her in in the end, have her tell Gibbs he is in danger, and then not have her show up in the season 17 premiere 😉

If it was just Gibbs imagination then it would be possible. He could rub his eyes and then Ziva's gone and was just a trick his mind played on him, for example. Sure, it would be ridiculous to bring her back for this one scene but when it comes to TV, my motto is "you never know". (I was also on a different board a while ago and many there considered every piece of information about an upcoming episode a spoiler. I guess, I adapted to that :-))

And even though we know she will be back, I'm still not ready to accept it as fact that she is alive. It's still possible that the note left for Bishop was a fake and the Ziva we're seeing is just Gibbs' imagination. I think that would be a sh*tty move on TPTB's part but then again, this is TV. I don't trust TPTB.

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Thought this was an interesting bit of casting information.

I agree with the writer of the article that it will be via flashbacks, but I am curious to see how they work Breena back in. Also interesting that Brian Dietzen is writing the episode - has he written one before?

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