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S02.E03: Gates of Eden

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Jax and the team visit the distant planet where Professor Osborn first discovered Jax as an infant during the Earth-Zatarian War in an attempt to find the Ancients in the hopes of saving our Universe. But is dealt a tragic blow when Ralen suffers a loss that will change him forever.

Airdate: October 18, 2020

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Once again, Jax does whatever she wants and gets away unscathed, while someone else suffers for it. Matta is 10X more likeable and admirable than Jax. If they got rid of Matta just so Ralen can start mooning over Jax again, I'll be disgusted.  I really don't understand why everyone falls in love with Jax. That's the biggest mystery on this show.

I honestly don't know why I'm still watching this show.

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Personally, I'd have jumped at the chance to stay in the ancient's pocket dimension. Of course I wouldn't just spend my whole life in that stupid room. Jax should escort Ralen to the gate so that he can be united with Matta.

Why couldn't Jax tell Ralen that Matta stayed behind? (besides bad writing) He might like to know that she isn't actually dead.

I think some other stuff happened. I won't be too disapointed if the ancients decide to cancel the series. Pretty visuals and actors do not equal a cohesive story.

9 hours ago, tv echo said:

If they got rid of Matta just so Ralen can start mooning over Jax again, I'll be disgusted.

Welcome to the CW and their obsession with ill-advised hook-ups.

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Talk about saving some money on Special Effects. I am headed to the packing lot out back to catch us some pigeons, then we will walk across the street to that sleazy motel.

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Why did jax imply matta was dead...and we dont know how long matta has to stay there im assuming till the 4 months is up..i just dont get why jax didnt tell the truth about matta is only staying with the ancients and really dead.. that annoyed me lol

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