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Very good show, well-received critically.  Not sure what the ratings are.

Season 1 was on the Audience Network on DirecTV.  In the credit sequence, it's identified as an AT&T original, maybe because they had taken over DirecTV at the time.

Season 2 hasn't aired in the US but it did finish it's 10-episode run in August.

Show is filmed in the US, though it features some international locations.  Loved the Florence scenes at the end of season 1, though it made no sense, he was sprinting around the town and he was covering a lot of distance in short time.

Max Irons the lead isn't that well known but they have a lot of well-known character actors, such as Brendan Fraser, Bob Balban and William Hurt.

It's suppose to be based on Three Days of the Condor movie with Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway from 1975.  It's also based on a spy thriller.

It does a terrific job of setting up the sense of threat to the main character and sustaining it through most of the first season.  Momentum is great so it's a great binge.

Not clear if AT&T will do anything with whatever rights they may retain.  Would be great on HBO or HBO Max.  I don't know what the UK ratings were like though.

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