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S01.E04: Smells Like Bear

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Airdate 2020.10.25


John and Onion continue their fundraising mission, heading to Canada on foot. When Harriet Tubman endorses Brown in a room full of new recruits, Onion realizes that he may be more invested in the cause and the "old man" than he thought.


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I wish the episode description hadn't spoiled the appearance of Harriet Tubman.  EH's performance was wonderful, though.

Small technicality:  Brown refers to Canada as a "country" on several occasions.  However, at this time, Canada was still a British Colony, not joining with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia to form the independent Dominion of Canada until 1867.  Perhaps a certain poetic license, but it still took me out of the moment, I admit.  "Land" would have worked just as well, IMO.

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