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S01.E02: A Wicket Plot

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Airdate 2020.10.11


Onion and fellow slave Bob cross paths with pro-slavery "red shirts" escorting them to the slave-trading town of Pikesville, MO. Onion finds himself enmeshed in a mounting slave insurrection where he learns the consequences of his actions.


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On 10/13/2020 at 2:54 PM, Starchild said:

The execution scene was really emotional. I kept hoping Owen would bring the gang back in time, since even he stated they "had to do something about this hanging", but alas they were too late.

I thought they were going to keep back in time to save them as well. I should have realized this wasn't that type of show after John Brown's son was killed off so abruptly.

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Hi, Steve Zahn. Bye, Steve Zahn.

The execution was pretty gutting in the book, and they did it effectively here with Sibonia refusing to drag Onion down with her even though the whole plot getting out was sort of his fault for not keeping his mouth shut. The young actor is really doing well with the role and in showing Onion's growing uncomfortable awareness of the bigger picture in fits and starts. Despite my initial misgivings about him in the role, Ethan Hawke is also selling the book version of John Brown, who can be completely preoccupied with worrying about whether Onion committed sins of the flesh while a gunfight rages all around him.

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