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S03.E01: For the Sins of Your Ancestors

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Zed forces humans to work a mining camp as Talon struggles to keep peace. A sassy genius invades Janzo's lab. A dark Priestess unites the Blackbloods.

Airdate: October 8, 2020

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Strange episode, Garret and Tobin kill at least one Blackblood during their attempted escape, I don't understand why they are still alive. Why were there so many old men out there mining for rocks, weren't there any young people remaining at the Outpost?





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Talon remains my favorite character on this show. I don't understand her friendship with Gwynn, who treats her like a servant. 

I liked Garret and Tobin working together, but I don't like how they both still seem to be in love with Gwynn. For that reason, I didn't care for the Talon and Garret kiss at this point in the story.

I liked the new character Wren's antagonistic relationship with Janzo. However, you can almost predict that storyline: Wren and Janzo fall in love, Wren's mother Yavalla turns out to be evil, Wren has to choose between her mother and Janzo, etc. But I could be wrong.

The locations and cinematography were beautiful, but the writing still needs improvement and the character development is a bit inconsistent.

The Blackfist leader tells Zed that Blackbloods don't kill Blackbloods, in order to stop Zed from killing him, but that's right after the Blackfist leader tried to kill Zed. 

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I'm happy the show is back; however, I didn't love the episode.

I dislike that: 

  1. The Blackbloods are bad and the humans good.
  2. Talon is loyal to Gwynn and Garret still. Why? Just why?
  3. Talon is in love with Garret. Again why?
  4. Talon kissed Garret. Garret doesn't deserve to be kissed.
  5. The show thinks we should root for Garret & Talon to be together. No just no Garret is a ass that was dating Gwynn and then tried getting together with Talon at the same time. #TeamAnyoneButGarret! 
  6. We have not 1 but 2 potential love triangles. Tobin, Gwynn, & Garret.  Gwynn, Garret, & Talon, 
  7. Talon doesn't respect herself enough to know she deserves better then Garret. I remember in season 1 how Talon was all I have no interest in someone like Garret. Can we have that Talon back? 
  8. Gwynn is so stupid to have a make out session in the middle of trying to escape. Time and Place princess Time and Place.
  9. Tobin and Garett have no consequences from killing some blackbloods during their failed escape. 
  10. There was no explanation of why the blackbloods would allow Talon to walk free. I thought it was pretty obvious last season that Talon was #teamhunmans. 

Saying all this I'm glad the show is back. 

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