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S28.E01: Dolly Parton, Rupert Everett, Lolly Adefope, Riz Ahmed, Sara Pascoe, Roisín Murphy

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Well, it's good to have Graham back! I really enjoyed Dolly's stories. That said, it was bugging me that Lolly seemed to be wearing Killing Eve's Villanelle's pink dress only in blue. But no, it is a bit different, but the same designer: Molly Goddard.



Lolly's dress (on sale, sold out):


Unfortunately, it now looks dated. Still, she was a fun interview.

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I loved hearing Dolly talk about her songwriting. And thanks to Rupert Everett for asking how she plays guitar with her acrylic nails! I wondered that, too.

Roisín Murphy's eyebrows were something.

The hybrid format worked pretty well, I thought.

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Honestly, I am tickled that Rupert seems to have returned to something nearer his original face. He looks very improved! 

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