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S11.E05: Best Friends

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Loved the callback to using coarse sand. And the return of "phrasing."

"I'll fill the tub."
"Then fill me."

Ah, Cheryl was loving every second of that. I was hoping someone would try to make Aleister clean their refrigerator.

I was sad that Aleister turned out to be an assassin. Sure, it was obvious, but he was great. But I wasn't expecting it to be Cyril. It's been three years, Cyril must've been doing something right.

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Archer gets a superb valet! And then the valet tries to kill him! It's sad, but it's better than dragging it out as a subplot for a few weeks.

I feel bad for Cyril. Yes, he is a wuss . . . or he used to be before Archer dragged his development back by three years. But I identify with beta guys, even if I'm not the sort to get abused every other minute. The bit with Alister's initial target not being Archer? That was funny, and I didn't see that coming.

Of course, Cyril still remains the primary target of abuse for this series. He was the only one that expressed concern about Ray, and yet hr didn't go on the "mission" because he was faking a broken arm. If "last mission" refers to the previous episode, I can't say that I blame him.

Malory waiting for her errant workers was a great capper.

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I actually love the idea that Cyril during Coma O’Clock became everything he ever wanted to be.   But of course he is the one who regresses the hardest because he is the biggest target of Archer’s  bullying.  The idea that Cyril became the worlds greatest spy just seems right to me.  

I also like that Lana is starting to fray around the edges.  Her marriage is starting to come apart because Archer has always been a source of some weird fight and flight in her.   She is happy in her marriage but it probably does lack the passion she has with Archer that can never last because they just don’t  like each other.

Hi Ray.  

Of course Alistar is the perfect valet and turns out to also be an assassin.    Krieger might have dumped his Woodhouse clones a little too quick.

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Poor Archer, first his perfect valet is actually an assassin, and then it turns out that he isn't even the assassination target, its the number one spy...Cyril. Oh the indignity! I mean, Archer does talk about Cyril a lot when you think about it, and he probably is one of the people Archer talks to most, even if its usually to give him shit. Cyril really did become a great spy while Archer was gone, it sucks that he is regressing so much now that Archer is back and picking on him again. 

Not too surprising that Lana's marriage is not going well, or that Mallory figured out what everyone was up to. 

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On 10/7/2020 at 10:21 PM, PinkRibbons said:

Pam is Archer's best friend, and I will not have that denied.

This is not debatable. Not too mention that Pam legitimately thought Ray was in trouble and stowed away on the plane to help. 

I'm even more convinced Archer is still in a coma. There's just no way in three years Cyril becomes the best spy. Lana has been doing it at least as long as Archer has. 

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On 10/8/2020 at 9:20 PM, PinkRibbons said:

I actually thought briefly that Aleister's target was Mallory, which might be the only person Archer maybe would accept as being better at spying.

I was convinced it was Mallory.  She really is the best ever: it's just that now she has people to do all the heavy lifting for her.


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