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S02.E09: The Beast in the Jungle

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2 hours ago, Mabinogia said:

I seriously want her to read me every book ever. Her voice is so soothing


I did like the actress playing Rebecca, even if the character was basically just a bit of whatever. 

I kind of wish the show had focused more on the twisted, gothic, co-dependent and completely messed up relationship between Quint and Jessel (more so the way it was in the book, in that they were both very complicit rather than the show where Rebecca was more a victim than anything) than the rather bland Dani/Jamie thing. I get what they were trying with Dani "losing herself" over years, but the fact that they had so many years together kind of dulled the whole "tragic love story" of it. 

If nothing else I will appreciate this season for introducting me to T'Nia Miller whom I had never heard of before but will look out for in the future. 

I agree on Quint and Rebecca and wish they done a bit more of that as well. I understand they wanted to change the story some but still making it more twisted would have been better. Some are wondering why Becca stayed with him so it would have made more sense to go that route. 


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On 11/1/2020 at 11:28 AM, Ilovepie said:

The weeding scene with “older Jamie” just wasn’t necessary for me. The people look nothing like their younger selves, and older Jamie didn’t even sound the same.

I'm pretty sure that was on purpose though. Like the actors we see during the show are just the story versions, and then at the wedding we see the "real" people. Henry Thomas's character would have looked basically the same but they used a completely different older actor. I think that would also explain why Jamie the narrator doesn't have the same accent or look as Jamie the character in the story she is telling.

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On 11/1/2020 at 12:10 PM, natyxg said:

Now that you mention this, how the fuck did Jamie know Viola's story, so she could narrate it?

Thanks for bringing this up. I also wondered how Jamie could have known the details of the interactions of all the characters with one another, even though she wasn't personally there most of the time, and in some cases couldn't have been told by Dani either. This is all the more true of the whole Viola history. How did Jamie learn the entire back story of the house? She was one of the few characters who didn't "dream hop," so she couldn't have acquired this knowledge from other characters' memories. Maybe Dani knew it after Viola inhabited her, and she told Jamie.

This was the main problem I saw with Jamie being the narrator.

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On 11/11/2020 at 12:54 AM, Craft Cocktail said:

How did Jamie learn the entire back story of the house? She was one of the few characters who didn't "dream hop," so she couldn't have acquired this knowledge from other characters' memories. Maybe Dani knew it after Viola inhabited her, and she told Jamie.

Fanwanking perhaps on my part, but I just kind of assumed that like many older manors/etc., especially those in small village/town where generations live, there were legends and stories about Bly Manor. And Viola haunting the place was probably one of them, along with the whole lady in the lake mystery.

So my guess is Jamie knew bits and pieces of the legend/story growing up in the area but likely dismissed most of it as a silly ghost story, until of course all the crazy shit went down that night where was personally confronted with Flora's almost being taken under water and Dani stopping it and of course yes, Dani probably telling her everything that happened. 

Finally finished the season after being stuck on Episode 7 for the last three weeks. I enjoyed the season well enough but I definitely understand why many preferred Hill House. That one was definitely a lot more tragic and heartbreaking and more chills and scary moments. I have to join the minority in admitting that a big part of why the season didn't grab me as much, is that I wasn't that into the Dani/Jamie love story, which was of course essential, particularly to the latter half of the story. 


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Late to the party, but I agree that the reveal that Carla Gugino was Jamie didn't work for me, given the time frame. ( Jamie and Dani met up with Owen at his restaurant and he mentioned Flora was 17 and dating, and a dozen years later every character looks completely unrecognizable?)

And I wish we had some sense of why the kids could see the ghosts, and Dani only saw them after getting hit on the head.

I had a feeling Hannah was dead because they made a point of showing her not eating, but how could she otherwise interact with the adults. 

The ghost rules) mythology just didn't stay consistent IMO.



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