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S01.E01: Brave

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On 10/6/2020 at 5:28 AM, Nashville said:

Ok, full disclosure time: I gave up on FTWD in early S4 and hung on with the mothership until they started dropping space junk on people, so initially I wasn’t really inclined to even give this new series a shot - but I decided to TRY to keep an open mind about it for at least the first few episodes. That being said, so far I’m surprised to discover I don’t find it unbearable - at least, not yet.

A few observations, both positive and negative:

- The story line doesn’t absolutely suck; mildly engaging, even if moderately typical.  Plucky Rebellious Angsty Teens (PRATs) versus both their Zombieland environment and The Establishment (in the form of the CRM).

- The characters almost set your teeth on edge but somehow manage to avoid it - just barely.  Our starting quartet of PRATs consists of:

  1. Rebellion Sister - runs on pure instinct to the exclusion of all else.  Ten minutes in you already know (a) she’s the primary focal character and (b) she’ll be the one who constantly thinks the worst, and will constantly be proven right.
  2. Conformity Sister - has run on pure logic in the past, but is now trying to marry the Vulcan half of her brain to the human half.  Expect her to be rewarded a la individual emotional dog treats whenever she gives in to her instincts.
  3. Discount Dr. Who - carries a Popeil Pocket Fisherman instead of a sonic screwdriver, and has succeeded in assembling a wardrobe so godawful ugly even the walkers are put off.  Eugene without the mullet or the atrocious accent.
  4. Hodor Lite - he big guy, carry big wrench, not talk much.  Could be fucking Einstein for all we know, but TPTB aren’t giving us much to work on yet.


maybe more later, but I have to turn in.

You hit those characters right on...this seems more like..."Saved By The Bell...World Beyond"....I don't think any of these 4 characters could survive for any length of time outside of those walls.  I think this is weakest pilot I have seen, but I really like the WD world, so I will watch it to see what they do with it.  

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