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S01.E05: Order 2472

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So .. one "dying" girl gets "cured" and everyone is declaring that Basement Lab Guy's vaccine-cure is legit? No one is going to question why none of the other sick children are getting better? Are they all already dead?  It's frustrating that Basement  Lab Guy is so easily duped.
And the Christie Corp. guy and his son are a very special type of sick assholes.  They have managed to raise their own suicide cult of brainwashed children.

I suppose we will never know what exactly is in the Dystopia and Utopia comics (though they appear to just be a collection of art pages).
The only glimpses the audience gets is when something in the artwork is determined to be a puzzle that can be figured out at some particular time, for some particular reason. 
It reminds me of that show, Blindspot, featuring a character covered in tattoos - one tattoo getting deciphered at a time. 

It seems that someone in the nerd group would have suggested posting all the Utopia pages on the internet. It would make them and their loved ones less of a target.  It would also cause the evil Christie Company (Mr. Rabbit ?) a lot of problems: the clues would be available for everyone to figure out, not just five people. 

I agree with what they nerd team guy said - if Jessica was kidnapped to force her father to create viral bioweapons, her life is not worth more than hundreds of children. Especially not Jessica, who only wants to find her father, doesn't care about anyone else, and shoots innocent people in the head for no reason.  Jessica does not seem much different in her own unhinged way than the Raisin Boy killer guy. 




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