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S29.E03: Disney Night

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On 9/28/2020 at 9:10 PM, luvbadtv said:

 I loved that Vernon was so excited to be the Beast, only to find out he was dancing as the Candlestick, LOL!


             OH,HE GOT BURNED ! ( GROAN ) ! HA !

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On 9/28/2020 at 9:32 PM, Morrigan said:

When I saw Tyra's get-up, I thought if Drag Race had a challenge to make the ugliest outfit, she'd win, hands-down. And that flaring bustle or whatever made her waist look like it was 50 inches - plus the length did not flatter her legs.

Also hated Justina's black shoes - seemed like it was part of a plan for her footwork to be accentuated and then criticized. And Sasha's jacket should have had red stripes where it had hot pink ones...

Skai seems more like 12 to me. A young 12. And Monica has the charisma of a dustmop. For me, Anne's not much better (but I did enjoy Keo's mini-skirt).

Liked most of the guys tonight, but Jesse is so cloddish. I'm glad they weren't oohing and ahhing - and Sharna's hair might be worse than Tyra's. I laughed out loud when Sharna looked shocked when Jesse said he got his first break in New York! Imagine that - an American actor getting a break in that obscure city. Sheesh. But he's Fred Astaire next to Nelly, who reminded me of an 80 year old - or someone with rods in his spine.

And our professional ballet dancer Kaitlyn looked shocked when someone said she had the best dance of the night? killin' it with her port de bras and I'm sure will keep on killin' it. Must be nice to take 20 years of dance training to the show with you.

At least they stopped lowballing Johnny though his rumba was a bit staccato. I really don't think Britt is very good at teaching for this kind of show. It ain't easy. He needed Cheryl.

And good riddance to the psycho - ha ha at them giving her samba with her, uh, hips (hard to tell she has any with that apple shaped body)

And though I wasn't that crazy about Anne, I do like how she took the floor with her mike and shut Tyra up - and Vernon just took off running as soon as he got the scores. That's the way to give us poor viewers a break from those awkward questions.




           Shanna IS From Australia So She May Not Know How People Get Into Show Business !

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On 9/28/2020 at 9:59 PM, Back Atcha said:

I wish she could eliminate HERSELF !!!


        Tyra Says Okay, We Have Another Elimination ! ( IN A LOW VOICE ) TYRA BANKS ! You Have Been Eliminated ! IS There Some Thing You Want To Say ? Oh, I'm Sorry ! We Are Running Out OF Time ! See You Next Time !

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On 9/28/2020 at 10:10 PM, babyhouseman said:

The show was better than last week's. Tiger Lady is gone. Disney night is always fun. The judges talked more.

I still miss Tom. Tyra still asks silly question. The wig looked like something from The Cowardly Lion. Maybe she's was vibing with Carole and Pasha. Why was the long hair lighter than the rest? Enough with the grand entrance. I don't want to think about fashion more than dancing.

Nev was good. Classic ArgenTINE tango. I thought Johnny was overscored. I think he might've done better with a more experienced pro. But it's still early. 

All I can think when Jesse finishes dancing is he's better than Bobby Bones. 


           Hey ! EVERY BODY IS Better Than Bobby Bones ! He Takes A Couple OF Steps And Stands There ! Then, Bobby Bones JUMPS UP AND DOWN ! You Get A Mirror Ball FOR THAT ?

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On 9/29/2020 at 6:40 AM, alexa said:

I love the fast pace of this show now, and how it has so much less wasted time with a bunch of nothing.  That said, I do really think Tyra is not a good fit.  I can deal with her because I am used to her acting like Tyra, but I really think the show would have been almost perfect if they had gone with this quick, simple format and left Tom in.  I just think she is very awkward, and it is a bit distracting.  However, the fast judging comments, and the quick intro, etc, are all good.  I even like Derek, which is a miracle.  I was getting to the point I couldn't stand him, but he is doing okay as a judge.


            i Liked IT Better When You Saw Them Practicing Their Dance ! Some Times, People Would Be Tired OR Not Getting IT And The Pro Would Some Times Walk Out ! I STILL Like IT Better When They Would Say Through Out The Night That Some Body Was in Jeopardy OR Some Body Was STILL In Jeopardy ! ! I Miss The Encore Dance Also !

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On 9/29/2020 at 10:55 AM, Back Atcha said:

Bobby Bones!  Forgot about that producer-created fiasco.

I wonder what will go down THE WORST of all DWTS decisions:

  • Bobby Bones insider selection as a "dancer"
  • Bobby Bones' WIN
  • Firing Tom Bergeron
  • Tyra Banks insider selection as host.


        That Is Almost A Toss Up! I Think The Worse Decision Is Having Bobby Bones WIN Because His Finale Was Him Take A Couple OF Steps And Stand There ! Then, Bobby Bones Was Jumping Up And Down ! That Is NOT Dancing ! Do Some Kind OF Dance And Have Him Win IF You Are Going To Have Him Win ! I Don't Like Them Replacing Tom With Tyra Banks, But I Think They Wanted To Have A Black Woman Who Is Younger ! ! ! IT Sounds Like The Ratings Have Gone Up ! BOOOOOOOOOO ! HA !

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23 minutes ago, Jody said:

But I Think They Wanted To Have A Black Woman Who Is Younger ! ! ! IT Sounds Like The Ratings Have Gone Up !

There are several more entertaining (and witty) younger Black Women.

Of course ratings have gone up (heh heh).  I believe ratings like I believe polls.

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