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Season 4 Live Discussion Thread

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Discuss the show while you watch!

Note: We will unlock this thread when the show begins on the East Coast and close it when it ends on the West Coast.  If you wander in here before it airs in your area, you will be spoiled.

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Well this is confirming my theory the studio audience is not really there. I've always said the audience looks to be random stock footage they just add to the show to make it look like an audience. Nick's making Covid jokes, but there's a full audience with no masks on themselves. So either this was taped like last winter or the audience is fake footage. 

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 Why is the Sun's face on upside down?  That's going to bug me all season.  

 I don't know if the audience was added in in previous seasons, but it surely is this year and that part doesn't feel any different from previous seasons so it's a good possibility.   It makes sense as well because there's no way to not have spoilers slip out with an audience that large at the reveals.

  The biggest change for covid is the clue packages being switched to animation.   I always assumed it was some production assistant in the costume in those bits anyway so no big loss.   

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17 minutes ago, Fostersmom said:

 So either this was taped like last winter or the audience is fake footage. 

Filming finished either last weekend or the weekend before.  The voting is being done by the virtual audience you see on the screen. 

I'm calling this now: Popcorn is Taylor Dane.  

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Dragon...the gruff in his voice really sounds like DMX.  


(edit) but after Robin saying Busta Rhymes, I'll agree with that.  The barbell was shown and he started hitting the weights hard core fairly recently. 

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 I think Dragon is Busta Rhymes.   Since both Busta and DMX are solid guesses, I assume dragon goes tonight.    No way at least one of those didn't think Taylor Dane and  yet she wasn't mentioned )because they won't let the judges give the right guess too early).  

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 The snow owls are either a couple or TV-family.   The "oh brother" in the package was a misdirect.   I kinda like the idea that it was two of the Brady kids but, although they did many songs, none of them sang as well as the owls.   I kinda thought Garth and Trisha thanks to Ken's previous guess but while I could buy the female owl as Trisha, I couldn't get Garth out of the male one.  The "haven't seen us together in a while" doesn't fit either.  

 Looking at the Dragon costume, it's even telegraphing Busta.   

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I may be the only one thinking this, but could the owls be Chip & Joanna Gaines? He's a goofball, and they are "launching" a new network soon. And he's always been a prankster. We haven't seen them in a while because they ended their HGTV show a few years ago. Plus, in the teaser intro there were street signs and one of them said "Magnolia," which is the name of their stores/restaurant/product line. 

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I just love this show so much, and I'm so glad it's back. Suck it Big Brother! And Ken, Michael Phelps is something like 6'6". There's no way that was Michael Phelps. 

I never have guesses this early, but this first group is strong, much stronger than last season's first group, and I love the Vault. 

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I was thinking Toni Braxton or Jordan Sparks for Popcorn, but I will go along with Taylor Dane.  

I have no guesses on anyone else. 

Donnie and Marie did cross my mind.  In the clue package, it looked like the girl owl was getting dropped off at her own home.  I think it would be odd for Donnie to do this show again but maybe he had a good time the first time around. 

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At this point I think the Sun is Demi Lovato. She definitely has the voice and versatility plus matches so many of the clues. 

I could also see it being Leann Rimes. Very similar to her voice.  

There’s no way the snow angels are Garth and Trisha. His voice is just too distinctive and that wasn’t it. It definitely sounded like Clint Black though and the harmonies reminded me a lot of his duet with Lisa Hartman Black. 

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