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Updated Announcements & Policies: December 18, 2022

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Welcome to Sister Wives! Your moderators are @Scarlett45 and @Pallas. Please observe the following guidelines in this forum!

  • The number one rule of Primetimer is Be Civil.
  • Discussion of the medical conditions, sexual issues or sexual orientation of the minor children on this show is off limits, unless specifically surfaced on the show itself. Snarking on the minor children is allowed, but let's remember these are kids who don't choose to be on this show.
  • Updated 12/18/2022: Do not speculate about any potential sexual relations between Kody and minors and/or his children/stepchildren. Unless or until a present adult makes a public statement on this issue, it’s speculation and will not be tolerated. 
  • Many of you keep up with the families on social media, and thus know about major events before they show them on the currently-airing season (weddings, new businesses they start, etc).  Please keep any social media posts out of the episode threads and in the Social Media thread, to avoid spoiling those posters who are NOT paying attention to social media and thus don't know whether a wedding actually happened until it airs on the show, etc. 
  • Updated 1/31/2023: Follow the directives as outlined by GLAAD in the Hate Speech and Insensitive Language Policy, which provides appropriate terminology for members of the LGBTQ+ Community.
    • Leon is transgender and uses they/them pronouns.   As defined in the GLAAD guidelines, they are a they, were a they, and will be a they unless they ever tell us something different.  Per those guidelines, referring to them as a woman or a girl or as she is not okay, regardless of any modifier placed before these words or the time period being discussed.Leon should always be referred to as "Leon" or "Leo" regardless of the time period being discussed. Intent matters and people may slip up. Let's strive to respect their identity.
  • The Politics Policy applies here, as it does everywhere on the site. Remember that political discussion is never allowed here, except to discuss how politicians and political topics might come up on the show. The participants' social media posts on politics can not be discussed here, nor can you use any political content on the show as a jumping off point to discuss politics generally or express your own political opinions
  • Yellow posts are mod directives, not mod participation in the forums, please abide by posts outlined in yellow, but do not discuss or question said directive in the forum. If you have a question please PM mod for clarification.
  • The Thrive without Janelle  thread of the forum is fine, but no additional off-topic threads will be allowed. 
  • Take off-topic discussion to Small Talk. If you're not primarily talking about the show or a participant, your post is off-topic, and Small Talk is the right place for it!
  • Posts that are primarily your thoughts on a specific character over time -- rather than their actions in a specific  episode -- belong in that character's topic, not in the episode thread. Any event that has already aired on the show (not in previews or outside the show) does not need spoiler tags. 

Enjoy discussion, and please PM mods with any questions! 

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