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Selling The Big Easy

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13 hours ago, Grrarrggh said:

I know it's stupid to still be shocked by anyone else's stupidity but I a large part of me can't believe people pay more for a house because of things like staging. It seems like a pointless, money wasting, middleman. 

I understand properly staged houses sell for more than unstaged, and sell quicker.   However, the 'staging' scenes on this show where they are staging, and then selling for more,  don't seem to add anything to the properties.    I doubt it does anything for the seller, except give the show footage to show.   Considering how many 'buys' on this show were still on the market in Season 1 of this show, I wonder if the 'staged' properties were even on the market. 

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I could be wrong, but I believe the cable guide said this was a new episode tonight. A couple went for an old grocery store that had been rehabbed into a modern home. The building was more than 100 years old, so hope somebody looked into electrical, plumbing and structure, too. Brittany is still annoying.

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