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S12.E22: Reunion Part 1

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The cast relive some of the most outrageous moments from the season, but first they express their frustrations with one of the ladies’ behavior during quarantine. Leah revisits the highs and lows of her first season, and spills the tea on how the uptown ladies reacted to her downtown attitude. A very glowing Tinsley updates the ladies on her relationship with Scott and life in Chicago, but things quickly heat up when Dorinda calls her out for not being transparent with the group and finishing the season early.

Airs September 10, 2020.

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3 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

Let’s see how Dorinda tries to excuse her behavior 

I think that by definition you have to be at least tacitly admitting some degree of fault if you're offering an excuse for something and I think we all know that Dorinda finds no fault with herself, so I don't think she'll try to "excuse" it.  I think her attitude will be more "It is what it is. Deal with it."

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Am I allowed to ask when this was filmed?

A few weeks ago.

I think Sonja looks great. "Well rested" as they say.

Ramona's work looks too plastic.  

Ramona should have stayed home like everyone else instead of galavanting all over Boca and the Hamptons.  She was in Page Six practically ever day. 


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6 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

The only part that bugged me was they bitched she posted pictures alone making cookies like she was some kinda shit for doing that.... it doesn’t make you insensitive to make cookies it doesn’t make you not sad about people dying .. I get bitching about being out but posting shit like that really that was just beyond the pale for Leah. 

I agree with you there. There's nothing wrong with Ramona living her life with her family.

Dorinda kissing up to Leah is yuck. Not because it's Leah but because to me it's further evidence of her narcissism.

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Speaking of Leah, what is up with yet another sheer dress, this one combined with a thong?  Look at me!!!!!!!!!

It didn't look that good.  It reminded me of sewing class where you have to make a gown with just one yard of sheer fabric.


Sonja is beautiful but the face-lift makes her face a total different shape.

Why is HER NOSE SO PINCHED?  I'm surprised she can breathe.

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3 minutes ago, Suckeredin said:

I want to be on Leah’s side in this and I think Ramona is a complete dipshit, but aren’t videos of people dancing sort of a hallmark of the quarantine?

Seriously! They rail on her for in-home social media posts (safe and responsible though tone-deaf), and gloss over the fact that she flew (commercial?masked?) during the time that she still was battling her Lyme-Sinus-Infection that she, in retrospect, believes was Covid. Glad she found Colorado to be such a healing place.

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DOAH-rinda.... Deflecting much?? Stress related??  Uh, gurl....  She's acting like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth but I fear she's gonna BLOW at some point.  THAT will tell the tale!

Sonja and her "young viewers"......  REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY......

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They are sketchy, no doubt!  Sonja's looking good though.  I like her new shorter hair.  Moaner's hair looked really good when she went that length WAY BACK WHEN she & Mario renewed their 17 year vows.  That long stringy mess of fake hair tonight doesn't do it for me.  Just like Leah's mom.  She's a gorgeous woman but that long hair just makes you look lllooonnnggg.  Just not a good look.  I don't think women my age (66) look all that great with the super short hair either.  Ya gotta just be willing to try some stuff.  But NOT PINK!!!! PURPLE!!!!! BLUE!!!! ORANGE!!!!

I think Moaner thinks she looks like she's Tinsley's age or a little older.  Delusional much? Yep.

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