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Expedition To The Edge

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In 2018, Captain Clemens Gabriel, along with his family, including daughters aged five and six, and a group of modern-day explorers, set out on the adventure of a lifetime. They would journey through The Northwest Passage - one of the most dangerous nautical sea routes in the world located between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans through the Arctic. Known for its beauty and deceptive calm, many have attempted it, but very few have succeeded.

In an all new Discovery Channel series, EXPEDITION TO THE EDGE, Captain Clemens and his rag tag group of family and friends will quickly learn the price of adventure when a voyage with friends unravels into a life-or-death crisis forcing all hands-on-deck.

EXPEDITION TO THE EDGE premieres Sunday, August 23 at 9pm ET/PT on Discovery. In addition to watching on Discovery Channel, viewers can stream it live by downloading the Discovery GO app. Follow Discovery on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter for the latest updates and join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #ExpeditiontotheEdge.

After several record-breaking summers of warm temperatures in the Arctic, Captain Clemens Gabriel and his crew of family and friends were 1 of 23 ships who expected smooth sailing as they attempted the perilous Northwest Passage through the Arctic in 2018. However, after setting sail from The Marshall Islands to tackle the impossible, they quickly encountered the coldest season in quarter century. 21 ships turned back immediately, but Captain Clemens Gabriel made the shocking decision to push through.

Equipped with a 40-year-old boat, no formal training and no financial backing, the crew is a self-sustaining and unfunded group of modern explorers who must fix and correct every hardship and obstacle that stands in their way using only elbow grease and ingenuity.

With an unfiltered look at the motivations, fears and struggles of the crew who survived a perilous 8-month journey into the legendary Northwest Passage, EXPEDITION TO THE EDGE is the story of one family on their epic, emotionally charged journey to follow their dream and have the adventure of a lifetime.


I just caught this show at the third episode, so I haven't seen what the motivation is for the captain and his crew, but these people seem woefully unequipped for a journey into the Northwest Passage.

Airs Sunday nights on Discovery. 

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Just finished episode 4 and am still seeing no evidence that using a sailboat to get through the Northwest Passage is a good idea.  I think the first mate was correct to describe the Captain as an adventure junkie who doesn't even care about the lives of his children who he brought along on this misbegotten expedition. 

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This captain of this show makes me think about a guy who decided to try to cross a very turbulent stretch of ocean off the coast in New Zealand in a kayak.  I just googled "cross sea in kayak new zealand" and his name popped up:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andrew_McAuley

Anyway, there was a documentary about his expedition (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solo_(2008_film)).... he had a young son at the time (I think 4yo).  I remember thinking.... was this dangerous (possibly fatal)  journey really worth leaving your son without a father? 


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