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Love Guaranteed (2020)

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Sparks fly when a crusading but cash-strapped attorney takes on a charming client looking to sue a dating site that guarantees its users will find love.

Starring:Rachael Leigh Cook, Damon Wayans Jr and Heather Graham

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I really, really wanted to like this, as I love both leads. They deserved a movie worthy of their talents. The film ended up being VERY broad, however, especially with most of the secondary cast, so it ended up with a bit of tonal whiplash for me. Lot of eye rolls from me, especially towards the end. 

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3 hours ago, Avabelle said:

Yeah it was awful. Cheesy writing, predictable ending, the works. I like Leigh Cooke but didn't love her in this. Damon Wayans was great as always but nobody could make the writing work.

Aww, I thought the movie was really cute. The two leads were both likable and had amazing chemistry. Plus, they were both funny without being over the top. Was it cliched and dull of common tropes? Sure. But so are superhero movies and horror films.

I had to look up Rachel Leigh Cook because while I thought she looked like the actress who played Shawn’s girlfriend on Psych like 12 years ago, she barely looks any older. She’s the poster child for SPF.

Lastly, I liked the diversity of the cast. And the fact that the main romance came from an interracial couple was never even mentioned. It just was.

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