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When I heard that Netflix was airing this I was so excited.  I read all the Wallander novels as they were published here in the US during the 90s and 00s.  I loved Mankell's crisp prose, complex plots and most of all, his melancholy Swede Wallander.  I knew a TV show could never match Mankell's novels, but nonetheless I was looking forward to watching Young Wallander.

If Kurt was in his 30's in the early 90s, YW must surely be set in the 70s, right?  Nope, it's inexplicably set in present day.  That was a sorely missed opportunity to make this a totally unique experience.

I heard Kurt was being played by a young Swedish actor - Adam Palsson.  I enjoyed Kenneth Branagh's Wallander, but I was looking forward to seeing Wallander played by an actual Swede.  You can imagine my dismay when I realized Wallander was not only speaking English, but every other actor was a Brit.  Another missed opportunity that leaves me scratching my head.

What's left is a humdrum cop drama.  I enjoyed Palsson's thoughtful performance, he captured the stoic staid Wallander of the novels.  

While I was watching this I was recording a show on my local PBS station called Before We Die, and guess what?  It's an honest to goodness Swedish cop drama in the Swedish language with Swedish actors - including Adam Palsson!

My favorite scene was towards the end of this episode when YW is waking away from the service for his superior officer.  A visual of a long blue line of police officers with YW walking away out of uniform.  A loner to the end.


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40 minutes ago, bannana said:

It seems to me that Gustav would want his brother arrested but we never even see his reaction.

Since Gustav got off scot-free, I don't think this particular story has ended.


41 minutes ago, bannana said:

Was this ending to set up a season 2?

I like a villain to get his/her comeuppance, so I hope so.

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3 hours ago, sugarbaker design said:

Since Gustav got off scot-free, I don't think this particular story has ended.


I like a villain to get his/her comeuppance, so I hope so.

Ahh, It turns out that there will be a Season 2. In spite of the fact it is set in the wrong decade and it's not Swedish, I did like the series so want to see where they will take it next.

Yes, I want to see Karl-Asshole get his!

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