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S12.E21: Viva la Dysfunction

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Luann records a new song that she hopes to feature in her upcoming cabaret; Leah continues to rebuild her relationship with her mother; Sonja clashes with Ramona; an invasive surgery has Dorinda looking back at her tumultuous year.

Airs September 3, 2020.

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Dorinda has a dead arm now.  So this is officially a thing of the past?


Damn.  Her Christmas sweater is cute.  Luke doesn’t want Dorinda to sit too near the window.  If anyone knows him from Ladies of London, is it too tacky to ask if this revives memories of Scot?

All of Luann’s songs sound the same.  The only one I like, ok love, is Chic C’est La Vie.  The others, I could take or leave.  Vivaa La Divaaah with no auto tune makes me nauseous.  

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1 minute ago, eleanorofaquitaine said:

Dorinda thought 2020 was going to a good year for her. Guess her powers of prediction were off. 


In fairness, who among us could have predicted [points to... everything].

The only thing keeping me from wishing a swift end to the year is the thought that 2021 might somehow turn out worse.

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Sonja is installing white carpet on her stairs...I give it 5 days until the first stain. I hope she gets those surgical booties for people to wear when the place is shown for sale. 

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Wear not ear
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11 minutes ago, TexasGal said:

Wait, is this renovation Dorinda’s NEW apartment?  Ok, I know I don’t get NY real estate AT ALL being spoiled in TX but that kitchen is tiny.  I could not work with that.

No it’s her old apartment.  Apparently the one she moved into was offered to her for free or a discounted rent in an effort to advertise the building via the RHNYC.

LuAnn doesn’t sing she just talks her way through the song.  It was embarrassing.

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7 minutes ago, Mindthinkr said:

Sonja is installing white carpet on her stairs...I give it 5 days until the first stain. I hope she gets those surgical booties for people to wear when the place is shown for sale. 

Less than 5 days if Ramona is stopping by after a trip out of the country, or after eating a taco, or on her way to have sex...And Sonja is a slob where her dog’s poop Is concerned

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1 minute ago, LibertarianSlut said:

Maybe I’m just in a nit picky mood toward Luann, but I despise this idea of “marry, F, kill” for so many reasons, not least of which is why do they say “F”?  Why don’t they just say “fuck”?  If you’re gong to be *edgy* enough to ask each other in a public forum who they want to fuck, have the balls enough to say the word. Geez. 

I think it’s like that for filming’s sake. They’d have to bleep it. I bet for the paying audience at the actual show, they let the word fly. 

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1 minute ago, eleanorofaquitaine said:

Dorinda looks that the puppet Madame. I mean, I normally don't make such comments but still...


2 minutes ago, eleanorofaquitaine said:

: I can't stand the way that Sonja talks about LGBTQ people - like they are just pets or decorations for her. It is so disrespectful. 

Yea some woman treat us like pets or accessories it gets kinda annoying. We are always supposed to be on and fabulous 

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No one should take credit for that tacky joke .. let it die 

.......talking shit about him wanting to bang 20yos .... like Leah who wants to bang anything with a dick that pays attention to her? Leah sit down 

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1 minute ago, Mr. Miner said:

Cabaret and drag queens, two things I couldn’t care less about in the same episode. 🙄

Preach.  I never got the appeal of a drag queen.  I’m not quite sure what’s so titillating about men dressed as women, especially in New York City.  What’s the big deal?  

I remember in season six, Carole confronted Sonja about talking behind her back at a gay bar, and Sonja was completely unruffled about it, did not deny it and said, “when I go to a gay bar, all bets are off.”  That was funny.  Let’s hear some shit talk.  They’re boring me.

I liked Sonja kissing that guy so casually on the lips though.  That was cute, not bawdy.  It reminded me of Lu constantly calling Sonja “Mae West” in season three.

Ramona looked great again.  Bitch knows how to rock a v-neck and short skirt.  So much more flattering on her short torso than anything else.  

“I don’t have time to open attachments.”  Ha ha ha.  Ramona is channeling Jill Zarin.  

Leah looked so classy and classic with her 1940s pin curls.  Looks can be deceiving.  

Once again, a woman on this franchise gets a mic in her hand and makes an ass out of herself.  Once again, Ramona is a hypocrite about sex talk.  The more things change...

I loved Luann’s self-important and flattering speech before singing Viva La Diva, as if this was an important song that needed two introductions.

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