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Little Voice

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I'm only 1 episode in, but was surprised I actually liked this.  I mean I like Sara Bareilles, including her work on Waitress The Musical (made by Jessie Nelson, the woman who's actually the main writer/director of this as well), but the premise is pretty cliched.  It doesn't really defy any of those cliches in the episode I saw, but it's a very good execution of them.  

Besides I'm a total sucker for a love letter to New York City, and as much as anything else, that's what this is.

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I'm caught up through 9 and I guess there's 1 more coming.  As I said previously, I'm a sucker for such a clear and obvious love letter to NY. It does get a bit maudlin and predictable, but the writing overall is pretty good, and both the acting and singing of Brittany O'Grady is top notch. And of course the wall to wall Sara Bareilles music in the guise of the character's music is all great. 

A few things do totally fizzle. The subplot with the mother for example. It was clear what they were trying for, but it just felt badly placed. It might have worked given its own place in another Season, but here it was just piled on top of a half dozen other angsty subplots. 

And some stuff works better than expected. The way they realize things with the brother, for example, is far less trite and annoying than it seemed like it would be at the beginning. It's true he's an eternal millstone around Bess' neck she can never be rid of, but i think in a more subtle unspoken way they do also eventually make it clear how badly she needs him as well.

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It's too bad more people aren't seemingly watching this show.  I think it's a gem.  It's not perfect, but to me it's pretty close.  I thought this latest episode was the finale based solely on the fact that she sang the theme song lol.  I am glad there's another episode, but I am so sick of the flip-flopping between the two guys in the love triangle.  Samuel is so obviously better for Bess that I really wish Ethan didn't come in at the end there.  I really am hoping the next episode opens with a Bess/Sam on-stage kiss and Ethan realizes he's not the one and just leaves forever and ever. 

I am really sad that Bess' father has disappeared into a black-hole of substance abuse.  I am not totally surprised, once we learned of his history, because of how colossally bad that recording session was, but I'm still disappointed. 

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Loved Louis's roommates performing the Aaron Burr/Hamilton meeting song at the end.


Nothing to see here.  A mistake😁

I think episode 9 was the finale.  I really liked this show. Hope it comes back for another season. Loved looking at New York.  One of my favorite scenes was when she was imagining all the people who lived in her apartment years prior.   I would watch Louis's vlog if it was real.

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Overall I liked this show. But I think they were trying to do too much. Especially with only 9 thirty-minute episodes. Bess’s 4 jobs. Her singing career. Her brother and his special needs. Her dad’s money problems and substance abuse issues. Hinting that Bess might have an issue down the road. The love triangle. The mom coming back. The creepy producer. Bess’s friend/manager. June Squibb at the nursing home. The roommate and her love life and family. Just pick three, maybe even four of the above, and you could have had a solid short-run season.

The music was the highlight for me and what kept my interest in the show when it was all over the place in some episodes  

I was very much Team Samuel. I was very happy we got some resolution there. But I said out loud “I just knew that douche was going to be standing in the back” when they cut to Ethan. I’d be happy with a season 2 but you know that love triangle will continue on. 

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