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S07.E09: The Wolves

Quilt Fairy
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3 hours ago, ProfCrash said:

Canning equipment would take up almost all their 10 gear spots. 

I wasn't talking about canning as a viable strategy for being a contestant on the show.  I was responding to a comment that a vegetarian could not survive in that environment.  I'm certainly no expert, but they'd probably have to get an early start in the spring and maybe have to establish themselves over a few years to have a chance.  And of course it would be better if they were pesco vegetarians.

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On 8/9/2020 at 8:34 PM, qtpye said:

I know that at one you tuber claimed to be making at 133k subscribers (this is a regular you tuber, not someone that has been on the show) 15k per month before taxes, for basically 10 hours of work a week editing videos.

Here's some more info on this:

I was watching a video from someone I watch somewhat regularly on YouTube.  He happened to casually mention that a video of his with 80,000 views had earned him $400.  So if he posted one video a week with those numbers that would be about $1600 a month.  Some content creators post daily.  I wonder if the length of the video makes any difference?

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On 8/7/2020 at 6:03 PM, AZChristian said:

Thank you.  I'm a Vietnam veteran's wife.  He left when our son was 3 months old and returned a year later.  He could not have chosen to "tap out" and come home because he missed us.  Two phone calls in a year, although we were both daily letter writers and he was stationed in Saigon, so the mail service was not too bad.

ETA:  Oh . . . and there was no million dollar prize at the end.  Coming home was the big prize, and it was worth more than a million to us.

But I’m sure if most soldiers had a red button to take them home, and by going there wasn’t negative consequences for anyone else, they would push the button. They didn’t have a choice. Nobody wants to stay in a war zone. And it’s just different. They had food. They had their fellow soldiers there too. For the alone folks, think about the psychology of starving and what that does to someone, all while being isolated ... with most of the time only your thoughts to occupy your time. I’m sure for a lot of people, being able to go home is worth way more than the money.

Even without an instant go home button, I wouldn’t compare being in a war to being in a wilderness survival situation. They both have their unique set of challenges, and although they’re not mutually exclusive, you generally aren’t doing both at the same time. 

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if they knew anything, they could make an igloo out on the ice in half a day. Make a bough sled and haul everything out there, includig hot rocks, coals buried in ashes, firewood, logs and dirt upon which to build the fire. Once the hot rocks get cold, build a fire and re-heat them. They dont have to go more than 1/4 mile. That's nothing.  Have a dozen treble hooks  one per hole and bait them with fish guts./heads.  If you start when the ice is just 2-3" thick, you can use the 5 ft long handle of the E tool to chip down thru the ice easily.  You can use a baited gillnet  thru a slit. Cover the holes and slit with debris and snow and once every 12 hours, break the 1-2" of ice that will form over the holes/slit.  Take a log to sit upon and have debris under your butt and feet. leave almost all of that stuff out there, in the igloo, so that you dont have to haul it back and forth.  You need a tip-up device at every fishing hole. You're burning at least an extra 1000 calories per day out there, as vs laying in your big igloo,  so if you dont average catching 5 lbs of fish per day it's not worth the trouble. Fish only offer  350 calories per lb of live weight.

In half  day, they could make plenty of rope out of strips of the 20x20 tarp, to rappel down steep slopes and to help them climb back up again. A short hunk of rope can be wrapped around the main rope, and use Prusik knots for hand and foot holds, help you climb it. In half an hour, they can make a pair of trekking poles, and I wouldn't go anywhere without them  on this challenge. When a sprained ankle or banged up knee costs you a clear  1/2 million dollars,  you're more careful! Arrow one wolf, the rest will flee, and never come near you again.  A 100 lb wolf has about 35,000 calories, if you eat the bone marrow, which is 85% fat.  That's risky with canines, tho, since they sometimes carry rabies.and the brain and marrow is where the disease sets up shop.

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I got the feeling the filming of the wolves and showing them surrounding an area might not have been right near a contestant.  On a side note, I felt Amos and Callie had the best attitudes to carry them late into the show.  They remained positive through some grim points.  

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