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7 hours ago, LGraves65 said:

I normally don't like Judi Love, but she has won me over on TM.  They're ALL good this series.

Agreed.  Loose Women and everything attached to it is dreadful.  But she's better on panel shows, and slightly even better yet here.  The Brits don't really have an Angry Black Woman trope, at least in the way the US does, but what she does is kind of a "I don't give a crap what you think" riff, and away from the old biddies on Loose Women she doesn't have to pretend to be diplomatic.  

7 hours ago, MissLucas said:

Yeah, this is a great group. And Bridget Christie is wonderful poetic agent of chaos. Her Laika clip was a thing of beauty.

Bridget Christie is just nuts.  In an entertaining way, admittedly. 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm glad Sophie won despite getting robbed in two tasks. Her impressions in the meeting task were hilarious and five points worthy and her take on the cement mixer task deserved more than one point though it did not reach the glory of the sausage mixer.The twist of the episode was Bridget winning the pedometer task due to her rage-filled execution of said task. Sophie was right - if anyone's going to kill Alex it will be Bridget LOL!

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Series 14 started recently and I'm catching up now. I haven't watched very seriously since Series 11 but I wanted to see how Dara Ó Briain manages. I was also familiar with Sarah Millican. John, Fern, and Munya are newish to me. John is the sad sack contestant of this season. 

I was laughing with tears during the end of the S14E02 studio task.


During the helicopter word, Dara's face and expression were hilarious. He has to manage with having John. Fern can be really good but chaotic so this was a good team to set up.

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  • 1 month later...

Such a great series. The cast had the best chemistry of all and I just loved all the personalities at play. So, SO delighted for the winner!

I felt that Alex broke alot more during tasks and with this group, I can see why. Was vaguely familiar with Munya before it started, and now I'm looking up potential gigs of his I can go see. Obvs Dara is the goat, right up there with his Mock the Week stablemate Hugh.

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  • 2 months later...

Not totally sold on the Aus version of this based on this promo.




I've seen the host before elsewhere and he's pretty good.  But something about that assistant seems off.  Not enough material to even guess on the quality of the tasks or competitors.


Now the NZ version is mostly great.  OUTSTANDING assistant, great competitors, and tasks that often are even better than the UK version.   There's just a crappy host/Taskmaster.  





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