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Taskmaster (UK)

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I've heard this mentioned more than a few times on Extra Hot Great, but I don't see a dedicated thread for it. It's Taskmaster, a panel show in which they make a panel of five comedians do odd tasks and then dryly rate how they did. Rules lawyering, moments of boneheadedness, genius, and desperation abound. Alex, the series creator, plays the proper facilitator of the tasks who presents the tasks while another comedian plays the titular Taskmaster who delivers final judgements. It's a rabbit hole worth falling down.

I've only just discovered this, and so I don't know which moments are iconic and well known. But every task video I've seen ranges from amusing to gasp-inducing hilarity. Don't spoil yourself before viewing. The surprises are everything.

Taskmaster YouTube Channel

Apparently there's a US version coming on CW soon? See the  original first.

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So the version coming to the CW is just reairing the UK episodes beginning August 3, so set your DVRs. CW site. I'm starting in on Series 3.

A US version was tried in 2018 on Comedy Central with comedian Reggie Watts as the Taskmaster, and original assistant and series creator Alex Horne doing the same there. it was said to not be very good. Mostly, they reduced each episode down to a half hour.

I kind of think they could do a good US version. If I had to cast a version with only Americans, I'd have John Hodgman as the Taskmaster, with Adam Savage as the assistant. Getting contestants who are the right mix of good sports but also taking it seriously and wanting to win would be key, as well as being funny. I don't want to root against contestants to successfully toss a potato into a golf hole without touching the red green, for instance.

I'm surprised, though, that this whole series hasn't gone to a streaming service of some sort. Like, it's now a coproduction of Netflix and whichever UK channel spawned it.

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This show has been fabulous for our family right now - guaranteed to make all of us laugh so damn hard.  We’re on Season 7 and, honestly, I’ve loved every group.  There was one I thought wasn’t quite as magical of a combination, but it was still entertaining and the next season was right back to a great blend again.  And, honestly, it could have been me - things are crazy right now and that can color my perception, you know?


But anyway, this show is great.

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Speaking as someone who has watched this from the beginning when it was broadcast in the UK (humble flex), I would insist that this is the greatest show currently on air and that this is not a perception brought on by pandemic delirium.

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