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The Capture

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Debuted on September 3, 2019 in the UK on BBC One and will debut in the US on July 15, 2020 on Peacock.


After being acquitted of a war crime in Afghanistan, former United Kingdom Special Forces Lance Corporal Shaun Emery finds himself accused of the kidnapping and murder of his barrister Hannah Roberts, backed by damning CCTV evidence. Whilst Emery works to clear his name, fast-tracked Detective Inspector Rachel Carey of Homicide and Serious Crime Command begins to uncover a complex conspiracy surrounding Emery, calling into question the validity of the footage.


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Finished the first season.

With that ending, there has to be another season right?

I looked up the cast after finishing the episodes and Rachel is played by Holiday Grainger, who was in The Borgias, as that tiny woman.  Actually she's 5-1 and she looks taller in the modern clothes.

Also watched a Zoom interview with several of the cast and the show creator, who wrote and directed all the episodes.

Premise is interesting -- deep fakes are coming -- but would intelligence services really use deep fakes to prosecute terrorism cases?  Maybe it's that way in the UK ,that they can't use normal surveillance as evidence, so they "re-enact" what supposedly happened, as Napier put it, to convince the courts.

Did the London bombers or other terrorists caught recently in the UK have to be prosecuted through non-intelligence evidence?


In any event, I know people have fears of spooks and cynicism about what lengths they would go to.  But kill a UK citizen and the UK spies let the American operatives do it with just minimal objection?

Finally I have some doubts about the Rachel Carey character as described by other characters.  She's ambitious but principled.  She's clearly going against her career ambitions by pursuing the case, despite being warned off by Danny and Garland repeatedly.

Of course we're suppose to identify with her.  Towards the end, she's offered a promotion to join the team so that she can restrain their worst impulses with her "moral compass."  Yes she needs to be the guide for her bosses to do the right thing.😁

But is she really the beacon of morality?  She has an affair with her boss, which he assumes is about sleeping her way to the top.  She says pointedly that she ended the affair and that she actually liked him -- then why did she end it?

She has no problems having an affair with a married man so not surprising that she joins the team which is responsible for the murder of the barrister?

Of course the suggestion is that she will go in and steer them in the right direction.  They put it as the last scene so it seems to be a teaser for a second season.  We will see if she's able to make a positive difference.


I like them showing off parts of London.  Of course they can't film in high-traffic areas like Trafalgar Square though the credit sequence shows nearby Picadilly Circus.  Lot of the action takes place in Croydon and other less glamorous parts of the London metropolitan area.  But Danny mentioned having to go to some dinner at 1000 feet and Rachel immediately figured he was referring to a fancy restaurant in The Chard and they film some scenes there.

They also filmed right out side the new Tottenham Stadium in North London, which involves the minor character Marcus Levy, who's established as a video expert who's also a big Spurs fan.


Looks like Season 2 or Series 2 was confirmed by the BBC in early June.  Was the highest rated new BBC show in 2019.  Now a matter of when they can film and when they could work around pandemic restrictions.


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We really "enjoyed" (maybe not the right word, since the idea is terrifying) the first season but had forgotten about it with all the other new and returning shows on Peacock, Netflix, etc. But last night when we saw the title card on the homepage that lists all our streaming choices, we decided to watch the first episode of Season 2 and hoped we would remember enough from the first season to follow it. 

Anyway, I hope we will be able to comment in more detail once people start seeing and there is less risk of spoiling. I was confused about how some things were done, and I particularly wondered in the first episode (putting this in spoilers for now)


why Knox was not found by the assassins, since it looked like they caught up with and shot the detective just a moment after he shoved Knox in a closet or whatever the hiding place was. Wouldn't the assassins have seen this and searched the area? Maybe they needed to get out because police backup was coming?

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On 11/4/2022 at 9:35 PM, Door County Cherry said:

I've heard the second season is really good so I'm glad it's finally here. 

We just finished it and it was suspenseful and thought-provoking, though hard to follow at times (probably intentionally). The ending was fairly satisfying--even though there could certainly be more to the story.  

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2 hours ago, Paloma said:

We just finished it and it was suspenseful and thought-provoking, though hard to follow at times (probably intentionally). The ending was fairly satisfying--even though there could certainly be more to the story.  

Yeah.  This show is pretty dense.  I sometimes needed to consult the wikipedia recaps because I multitasked while watching.  It was a very satisfying ending, though.  Moreso than the first season. 

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I'm confused. Season one is listed as having 8 episodes. But Peacock only shows 6. Here's how Season One ends on Peacock.


Does the first season end with Shaun going to jail? Telling his wife that he knew he killed a man who wasn't a threat, and Rachel telling the two people in charge of Correction that she's in? Or are there more episodes?

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