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S01.E06: Chapter 6

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32 minutes ago, Cardie said:

I’ve only just now firmed up my speculation about what’s going on, so excuse me for jumping in late.

Baggerly, Hicks, Seidel, and Gannon have over many years bought up apparently worthless property in the town of Girard, laundering money through the church recently. When the Heavenly City or whatever gets the go-ahead, the land becomes valuable. Although I haven’t worked out all the details, I think the ransom is being laundered to be paid by Baggerly for the land, land he and his buddies already own through shell companies. The kidnapping wasn’t supposed to hurt anyone, just provide a pretext for the ransom to be gathered and disappeared. Baggerly involved himself in the Dotsons’ lives to set up the kidnapping of Charlie. 

But while they were holding Charlie, he was smothered, not part of the plan. I think Sister Alice is somehow responsible and her more bizarre pronouncements stem from guilt. 

Taking my reply to the Whodunnit? The Spoiler-Free Speculation Thread: https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/110330-whodunnit-the-spoiler-free-speculation-thread/?do=findComment&comment=6259993


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On 7/29/2020 at 7:47 PM, Blakeston said:

It sounds very strange to hear an American character in the 1930s describe himself as Black. Didn't the term "Black" become popularized during the Civil Rights movement?

I understand that the preferred terms of that time period are no longer acceptable nowadays. But they also depicted Drake using the word "coloreds" in the same scene. And they depicted Perry dropping the n-bomb in a previous episode, so the writers clearly aren't trying very hard to avoid using racially charged terms.

Having a character from the '30s use the word "Black" feels like rewriting history to me.

The Souls of Black Folk  was published in 1903. I'm not black but I am an ethnic minority  and my experience is that we code-switch: the way people talk about their group to outsiders isn't always the way they refer to themselves with insiders. 

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