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S01E07: Bring Us In Good Ale

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Well, I guess Nimue pitching a fit and throwing the sword at the bottom of a cave is one way to both drag the story out longer and have Morgana begin her own journey into becoming a sorceress.

Hey, Arthur and Gawain are on better terms now!  Certainly helps that there is apparently no love triangle after-all, because Gawain thinks of Nimue more as a sister than potential partner, it seems.  I guess his jerkish behavior towards Arthur was just good old-fashioned anti-human bigotry instead!

Merlin's throwing in with Cumber the Ice King.  A Gustaf Skarsgard character teaming up with Vikings.  Now, that's a familiar story!

Speaking of Vikings, Pym actually seem to have a solid plan by pitting them against the Red Paladins, but it's just too bad for her that apparently these Vikings kind of suck.  The Vikings show on History really spoiled me, because no way the likes of Ragnar, Lagertha, and so forth would have ever let those silly red robe chumps get the better of them!

As far as rousing speeches go, I'll give Nimue's a solid 7.5 out of 10.  Not exactly the most passionate or original one ever, but it was coherent, made sure to praise and incorporate all fae kind, and she did some nice poses with that sword.  Well done!  Only dissenters were Creepy Iris being creepy and Morgana, since she's being influenced by whatever that spider creature is.

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Locations: The ruins where Minue and Merlin met; the spider caves; the Mill set up for an ambush; the camp of Cumber the Ice King; the Fae sactuary; 
all these places feel as if they are a hour or so walk/ride from one another.  There is no sense of distance from any one place to another. 

And you can tell the Fae sanctuary is just ripe for invasion and slaughter. C'mon fairie people! Don't you have any special forest magic to help cover your tracks or use the birds and woodland creatures to help with surveillance and scouting ahead? 

Well of course the midwife's family is slaughtered by the assassin who has been sent to kill Merlin - just as she had disappeared without saying good-bye to spare them any problems. How could we expect to go an episode without a grassy field strewn with the bodies of women and children? 

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Well as soon as we saw the family of the midwife, I knew the next time we saw them they would be dead and stewed all around the yard, because its been a whole three seconds since we saw something like that. Also, smooth move chucking the sword Nimue! Now Morgana has been infected by dark magic or something, and we know that this is all going to end very badly. The fey really need to fortify their cave hideout better, they are just begging to be caught and killed. And not only because they let that dead eyed murder nun in. 

Arthur and Gawain have some bro bonding, and it turns out that it isn't because of a love triangle (as Gawain thinks of Nimue as a sister) that Gawain was a dick to Arthur, just bigotry! Yea? I did get a chuckle out of the "Do you love her?" "we`re going to die in six seconds!" exchange. 

Merlin sees the Vikings and thinks "I cant explain why, but this feels right" and joins up with them for now. Pym continues to be one of my favorite characters, sicking the Vikings on the red cloaks was a really clever idea, and I loved her totally baffled "what do I do with this?" reaction to being given an ax. 

I guess the evil spider/imagine of her dead girlfriend did technically tell Morgana the truth about her future...just leaving out a whole hell of a lot of context, 

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I detest spider stuff.

There's no practical reason for people to have antlers, even in a fantasy world. There's just no biological justification for it. Four legged animals without opposable thumbs can make use of them, but people? 

It's so hard to get invested in this show, the story is sort of scattered all over the place, and it's already episode seven and I still don't have a clear idea of what's going on with any of these people. That's just bad writing. There's lots of spectacle and action sequences but I'm not invested in any of the characters because I don't feel like I get what any of them are after.

This episode in particular seemed like a lot of filler. Everyone wound up back at square one by the end of it.

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