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[RESOLVED] Receiving Notifications I Shouldn't

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The last couple of days, I've received notifications for new posts in the main In Memoriam thread.  Except I wasn't following that thread.  I have posted in said thread before and do have the "auto-follow threads you post in" option turned on, but I decided to unfollow that thread after a while.  So I hadn't been receiving notifications from said thread, until around yesterday or so.  (I'd check for specifics, but I stupidly cleared my notification list before posting this.)

Now, I did go through the list of threads I follow, and it wasn't on that list.  I also checked the thread to see if I was actually following it, but I wasn't.  I had the empty Bookmark symbol, not the Black.   So, to see if this would clear a flag of some sort, I did click to Follow, then clicked again to Unfollow soon after. 

Hopefully I've resolved my own issue.  But just in case I haven't, I thought I ought to report it.


Edit: Nearly 24 Hours later, and I have not received any new notifications for that thread.  It seems I did resolve my own issue. 

The only outstanding question is why I started receiving those notifications in the first place.  But that's for the devs to look into.

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Thanks for letting me know. As it only happened on one day we'll put it down to a glitch this time. If it happens again please let me know. Thanks.

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