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The Winners: The Worst SCS Fashions: Quarantine Edition (Jan to June 2020)

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The results are in! Below are our winners in the Quarantine Edition of our semi-annual Fashion Poll. Excellent choices all the way around? Here we go -

1. Caro, Your Magic Mirror Lied Again!

This half-striped disaster jacket was the clear winner with 68% of the vote. Never do anything half-way again, Caro.


2. The Stylist Made Me Wear It

In a tough category (they all looked awful!), Deanna pulled out the win at 44% with this sister-wife outfit. We still love you Deanna - the "stylist" made you do it!


3. Unpresentable Presenters

No Peace or Love for Alina, who took this one with 48% of the vote.


4. Blabtastrophe!

Hopefully Blabby has retired that short-sleeved leather jacket! It got her almost half of the votes in the category (47%).


5. Hair Don'ts

Can we also retire the tuna-can bun, please? Courtney's super-sized version earned her 33% of the votes.


6. The Hostess Without the Mostest

"Hot mess" best describe Ant's outfit here, and everyone apparently agreed since she won this category with a whopping 82% of the votes.


7. Step Away from the Capris, Caro!

If Caro was going for a Parisian look here, it failed miserably. Her look was the runaway winner in this category, with 69% of the votes.


8. A Look Only a Lobster Could Love

Half of the votes (51%) went to this get-up - Lobster Style!


9. They Got it Right for a Change! The Improvement Award

Oh Caro, we knew you could do it. Now if you would only keep doing it...sigh. (32% of the votes)


10. Most Annoying Fashion Vendor

This was a popular new category! It will definitely make a return in the next poll. Alina for a double win overall in the poll with 30% of the vote!


Thanks to everyone who voted!

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@Booney Thanks for your hard work. It was totally fun!

#6 - Antonella, I will pray for you. 

#8 - I voted for Kirsten's outfit that looked like she was wearing dirty laundry from the 1970s. Asian print satin crop pants with pink clunky sandals and drab grays on top, with hair that needed to be washed. 

#10 - I voted for Susan Graver as the most annoying host. When she's not interrupting, yacking, and mumbling, she's twirling, dancing or swaying. She does not stop.

Stephen King's next story "The Graver". Not scary. Not evil. It's the fearsome stylist hiding in your closet!

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Yes, thanks Booney for your excellent work on this poll.

Every time I look at the picture of poor Deanna I laugh; it may be the worst-best of all time for me.  She's such a good sport standing there in her sister-wife outfit! 

PS:  Still love ya, Deanna, we know it's them, not you!

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I couldn't believe anyone would style Deanna that way.  Which brand is she wearing?

I could give Jane T. a pass on that jacket.  What got that vote from me was the pants--especially paired with those shoes.  

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@Booney Making sure to thank you for the time and effort you put into creating this! And, might I add, I feel so vindicated as so many of my selections won! I have to say I am a little bit surprised about   the annoying vendor ( who I voted for but kind of thought I was not in the majority!!) Wow I think maybe only 2 that won did not have my vote.

Ladies ya done good~

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I only check the posts here about once every week, so not only did I miss the chance to vote by about half a day, but I can only see the poll winners. The original full list of candidates is blocked with "You do not have permission to vote in this poll, or see the poll results." WAAAAAAHHHH !!!!


I hope the next one will be open for viewing and voting for just a few days longer? Please?


Booney, thanks for all your hard work, the photos of the winners are truly... stunning. And deserving of the honor they earned.

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