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This new 6-part Netflix series was created by the producers of Queer Eye. It follows three experts as they help a couple plan and host a wedding in one week.

I enjoyed this show for the most part. It's missing something, maybe because there's only 3 experts instead of 5 and all three are kind of boring. The show has tried to give them each their own narrative:

The food expert is HIV positive and single and hoping to find love.

The fashion guy is out and married but his family doesn't fully accept that he's gay.

The interior design guy is...Nate Berkus' husband? I don't know what his story is or why he's supposed to be interesting.

They don't delve into the guy's personal lives or personal struggles at all except for a few random shoehorned sentences here and there every other episode.

Most of the featured couples were adorable, but there's one - a gay couple with two men where one of the guys is still essentially in the closet- where the whole time I was like, "Yikes. You sure you want to do this?"

It was good but no Queer Eye. It needs another expert or two with bigger personalities.


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I'm three episodes in and I like it.

3 hours ago, sashayshante said:

It needs another expert or two with bigger personalities.


Couldn't disagree more, the focus on the couple is this show's strength.  I like that the 3 experts take a supporting role to the couple's story.

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12 hours ago, sugarbaker design said:

I'm three episodes in and I like it.

Couldn't disagree more, the focus on the couple is this show's strength.  I like that the 3 experts take a supporting role to the couple's story.

Watched the first episode and loved the couple. Glad the experts were not the main focus of the show.

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I really loved this series.  It's not quite Queer Eye but I still loved it.  

I thought every couple had a great story and I really liked all the hosts.  

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On episode four and I am enjoying the show so far. The weddings have been gorgeous. Every episode is like wedding site porn. The guys aren’t really supposed to be the focus, the couples are, so frat hey have been well chosen and interesting. They all seem really into it and not the usual reality makeover show people who can’t hide their slight embarrassment.

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I'm old enough to remember a M-F afternoon show called Queen for a Day (that old?!) in which several women told their sad stories and the audience voted for the biggest tearjerker--who won new appliances (after she got her crown, robe and scepter). Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose.

There's a pandemic and these are feel-good stories. Of course I watched them. Wedding porn is right. I was missing Jeremiah or Jer, as CC labeled him, and Gabe and Thai seemed nice and did good work. Noticed after a bit that one of the three of them could identify with the drama of a couple. If you thought the Queer Eye guys did that, we're on steroids here, especially Thai in the last episode. Not a problem for me because empathy is in short supply these days.

Lots of people were made very happy. And, come to think of it, they were queens for more than a day.

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I just discovered this series and love it, I wish they had more episodes. I like that the 3 experts balance each other out and are very supportive of the couples they’re helping. I like Jeremiah better now that he isn’t working with Nate. He is so much more relaxed during this series that I almost didn’t recognize him.  Thai’s wedding dresses are gorgeous, he is such a talented designer. Gabe’s food always looks so amazing. I hope there’s a season two in the future.

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I agree. This show isn’t about the experts, it’s about the couple. The wedding dress designer cracks me up. 

have some questions about one of the couples - the guy who had been to prison. He and his girl had known each other four years and supposedly dating for three but his two little boys were young!  Seems to have been some cross over of relationships there to me. But it is obvious that the bride loves them and they are adorable little guys. 

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After reading this forum, I watched most of the episodes yesterday.  (The news is so depressing I can't watch my usual 4 hours a day.)  Anyway, I  saw an commercial for (maybe) something political about affordable medicine.  I thought the man in the commercial who said he had to ration his insulin was the same guy maybe in the first episode where he said his wife wouldn't eat so they could afford the right food for his diet.

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