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Season Six: Jimmy and Lexana and Barn Doors, Oh My!

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On 1/2/2017 at 11:45 PM, BkWurm1 said:

Interesting perspective.  I'm not sure I agree with it though.  

I do agree that he wanted to ingratiate himself with Clark but I don't think he was trying to pit Lex and Clark against each other for any particular reason.  He was comparing them and taunting Lex with his shortcomings but I'm not sure if he bothered to have a purpose any longer.  It's just something he did.  

And at the same time, he also wanted to protect Lex.  It was a complex and confusing relationship.  I think Lionel had some long term plan/goal in regards to capturing and controlling "the Traveler's" power, but I think the plan became really muddy over time.  I think your speculation works with Lionel's early plans, but once he was tapped by Jor-El to be his Oracle, I think he convinced himself that he was there to aid and serve the Traveler, but of course being Lionel, he did it still in the most shady way possible.  

Honestly, I think Lionel was losing his marbles at the end and acted in contradictory manner that there just is no logical explanation for.  

I think that Lionel basically saw Lex as his personal property, which he had the right to total control over. In general, I think pretty much everything Lionel did was about getting more control. Not that Lionel was necessarily always hatching some big plan -- I think you're probably right that he actually didn't need a reason to taunt Lex or pit people against each other or do that "splitting" thing where he'd arbitrarily decide that one person was an irredeemable loser and another should be on the highest possible pedestal, etc. I agree that he did all that habitually anyway, because that's how his head worked. But I guess my point is, I'm not really seeing anything protective or even that contradictory about his behavior. It seemed to me that whenever he was offered a choice, he was going to make the decision that offered him the most control (over the situation or over someone else).

Anyway, when Lionel was tapped as an oracle, I think that he felt vindicated because he'd known all along that he was something special. I think that he could commit so strongly to the role, with no ambivalence or fear or even self-awareness, because he didn't feel like a phony in it -- since he'd known all along that he was meant to be ~somebody.~ To me personally, it didn't look like Lionel was being "redeemed" or even that he had fundamentally changed. It looked like he knew he had been picked for the winning team, and so he was going to wear the uniform with pride and score points for Team Traveler. But he himself was the same old asshole. I had no doubt that he could and would have switched teams in an instant, if he decided that Team Traveler weren't the winners anymore.

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And Clark was doing so well forgetting about Lana's existence! Then "Hydro" happened and he regressed, horribly until the end of the season.

I got through really fast this season, because I fast forwarded a LOT. So not much to say that I haven't already said, EXCEPT what an utter blind, dunderhead of a massive FOOL and BDA Clark was in "Labyrinth." The fake Lana, (dressed up as a tween, no less), insisting that he get lobotomized into a vegetable, and Chloe is the only one who believes in him, YET, he decides he still in love with her, despite telling Chloe that she was the ONLY ONE who believed in him. Right, that makes sense.

I just want to know what song was playing and who the artist was at the end of "Subterranean" when Lex does his evuhl Villain Walk!

I've just realized another reason I can't stand to watch any Lana scenes, and the ones I do, just feel like nails on a chalkboard: Kristen lowered her vocals to make Lana sound either, sexier or more adult when she's only fucking 20-21 years old. And it just sounds like a loud whisper and grates me to no end. Not to mention her lying to Chloe about wanting to stay at her apartment- it was so she could snoop around Chloe's laptop to find out information on Clark; the look on her face when she was locked out? More of a villain who's discovered she or he can't get into a safe. then snooping around in Clark's bedroom, because she just HAS to know what Clark's secret is. At least Chloe stopped and even when she was told about it, didn't confront Clark with it, or go snooping about to confirm even when she pretty much knew ("Jinxed."). And Lana was HORRIBLE at trying to hide what she thought she knew about him. And look! She's so clever, setting him up to reveal his powers in the home of the man who is no longer his friend, but enemy, and is also still after his secret! No way Lex could have had cameras in there, could he?

EGADS! I'm with @BkWurm1 regarding Chloe's hair this season--the awful bangs, that is. I wish she'd kept the style she had at the end of Season four and all of five.

Oh, and the music in "Justice" as our team is slo-mo walking toward the camera and at the end of the episode. AWESOME!!!!!

And without fail, I screamed: "BIZARROOOOOOOO!!!!" at the end of "Phantom!" It's just so awesome!

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On 1/5/2017 at 5:33 PM, GHScorpiosRule said:

I just want to know what song was playing and who the artist was at the end of "Subterranean" when Lex does his evuhl Villain Walk!


Not sure if you're still wondering, but the song is Prelude 12/21 by AFI.


(also as an aside; does anyone know how to get into contact with duckmilkproductions/savingpeoplething? The Chlark vs. Lexana video is one of my favorites and it's no longer on YT)

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