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S12.E12: Eat, Drink, and Be Scary

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Looking for love again, Ramona meets with a matchmaker; Dorinda and her daughter Hannah discuss Dorinda's recent life struggles; Luann hosts a voo-doo themed dinner party where Ramona becomes the subject of everyone's witchy ire.

Airs July 2, 2020.

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I can’t believe they’re still in Halloween.  They’re usually at least on Christmas at this point in the season.  I hate old footage.

I can put up with coronavirus reunions—in fact, I like them—but I don’t like corona talking heads.  The audio is awful and it’s jarring.  I don’t know why they couldn’t film these talking heads about Halloween between November 2019 and February 2020.  Unprepared much?

I commented last episode that Ramona’s party planners were tacky as shit for pushing Sonja and Dorinda into doing social media marketing for them.  That feels like 100 years ago, and I am over it and not interested in Dorinda talking about it now.  It’s not her fault that this was edited so wonky, but Bravo did this show a huge disservice to go on this hiatus.  Everything seems stale.  

Serious question:  Does Elyse have a speech impediment, or does she just have a very specific Brooklyn accent that was fashionable circa 1935?

“Upsurped“, really Sonja?  Is that how they pronounce “usurped” in all of those upper crust circles in which you travel in St Tropez?  No wonder the old man dumped you.  

Hannah gets weirder and weirder every time she is on.  There’s something very...avian about her.  Is she trying to become British now?  Because that didn’t go over well on the other franchise...

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Leah on her own is not cut out for this show.  That Chinese restaurant scene looked like something that would barely have made Lost Footage a few seasons ago.  It’s so obvious that she wants to get back with Rob, dropping hints that her parents would not accept a guy who is not Rob, and him not really responding.  So she hasn’t had a boyfriend in 10 years?  No wonder she was so hung up on Pita Chip.  I love how Kiki handled Leah though.  Leah:  “I was kicked out when I was 17.”  Kier:  “Weren’t you 19?” Leah:  “Seventeen, nineteen, what’s the difference?”  Kier:  “Shouldn’t you be in college at 19?”  Leah:  “If I went to college, I...well, never mind.”  Exactly, bitch.  Your own kid is pointing out the discrepancies in your stories.  There is a tremendous difference between being “kicked out” at 17 and 19.

 I knew something was up with Leah’s version of the facts earlier this season when she insisted she was born and raised in Manhattan, and never mentioned the fact that she moved to Connecticut when she was 13, because it didn’t fit her narrative.  Now that she fudged the truth aka lied twice about her story, I believe nothing she says.

Leah doesn’t dress up for Halloween, but she happened to have a see-through mesh outfit lying around, so why not?  Why do I get the impression that that was just going to be Leah’s normal Saturday night outfit and this was a happy accident?

Luann looks ridiculously thin, especially in her talking heads.  I am really losing my patience at her calling a bunch of women in their fifties “the girls,” especially in her baritone.  It sounds creepy and lecherous.  Sometimes Luann reminds me of a dirty old man, even more so than Sonja, in subtle ways.  

Just like every single other year, I think Dorinda looks significantly better in costume than street clothes.  Ramona looked very pretty and young in her costume too, but I am really tired of her ducking out of filming events early so that she can go live her real life and date after filming.  If Ramona doesn’t want the cameras to be privy to what she does off the show, she should get the hell off the show, like Tinsley.  

Sonja was wasted in that car with Dorinda and Elyse.  Call me surprised to see how much slimmer her face looks in her more recent talking heads.  I...cannot say the same about Jill.  What happened there??

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“He definitely fit everything into my box” 

Did you hear the very quiet rim-shot after she said that?  🤣 

Im not liking the homemade talking heads.  It’s all off.  Also they are not needed, they are not adding anything to the story.

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What does Ramona’s costume have to do with voodoo?  She looks like a Disney villain.  And OF COURSE she has another party to go to.  She’s the living breathing embodiment of FOMO.  Or, MOFO as I think she called it.

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Jill's boyfriend Gary looks like Dennis 😐

What should Ramona have done besides apologizing?  They talk shit to her face for apologizing.  Okay, should she have slapped them instead?  Screw them.

I don't think it's fair to say that the talking heads in isolation are bad.  They're doing the responsible thing by having the housewives do their talking heads sheltered in place.  I think that it's great; what choice do they have?

Dorinda would be so beautiful and sexy if she wasn't such an awful person.

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Tinsley is gone, so Ramona is the new target.  Halloween fillers as they are running out of new ideas.  I just can’t look at Dorinda anymore, nor will I no matter how much she cries.  Done with her.  Something is missing as it’s hard to watch this episode.  It’s all over the place.  Jill Zarin?  What a lousy episode.

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16 minutes ago, heatherchandler said:

“He definitely fit everything into my box” 

Did you hear the very quiet rim-shot after she said that?  🤣 

Im not liking the homemade talking heads.  It’s all off.  Also they are not needed, they are not adding anything to the story.

There’s a story?

Man, this is beyond boring - we waited weeks for this new episode.

Ramona is now the most reasonable, considerate, empathetic housewife on the show - just yikes.

I just finished rewatching Seasons 1-4. The show was so organic and entertaining back then. 

Sonja was such a mess.


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5 minutes ago, Keywestclubkid said:

I would have left to go to another party Good God 

That was a supremely lame party with gross-out food items and a vague theme that had absolutely nothing to do with Halloween. And it appeared to be in the middle of the afternoon. Ramona may have had another party to go to but not for about 6 hours.

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Well, THAT was a snoozefest!  And yikes! JILL ZARIN???  Puleez Jeebus, NO. Just. NO.  That it all. Bored with them all.  The RHONY vacation place looks like Mexico to me.  Or somewhere in the Caribbean?

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1 minute ago, Axie said:

What exactly is the deal with Hannah?  Why is she so damn strange?  Is she playing a character or is she just a genuine weirdo?  She should befriend Leah because she’s pretty damn strange, too.

Seriously??   Dorinda is her mother!  I like Hannah to be honest, just because I think she's statuesque and gorgeous and reminds me of models like Linda Vojtova and Ana Mihajlović.

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I didn’t think Hannah seemed strange.  She was trying to make her mother feel better.  You could see how bad Dorinda feels about herself in that scene.  Then she turns around and becomes mean and evil to Ramona at the party.

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