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The Quotes May Destroy You

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Kwame: We're all somewhere on a line. Sexuality's a spectrum. We're all on the spectrum.
Arabella: Really? I had no idea. Let's all have sex.
Kwame: I don't know why it's such a big deal for you two. You're straight.
Arabella: I'm not straight. I just love dick.

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Arabella: "Why about me? Why can't we have a white history month? What if we had a straight pride day? Why can't we have a men's day?" Whining. Temper tantrums like pucky little fragile children. We get a day. You get a lifetime of knowing you are likely to walk free from rape so shut the fuck up. This is why I hate straight white guys and y'all are making it really hard for me to change my mind.

Terry: Anyway, Kwame, you were saying this racist bitch-
Kwame: Yeah.
Terry: I hate it when white girls disappoint me.
Kwame: She said some homophobic stuff as well.

Terry: [Kwame] made a mistake.
Arabella: Yes, he made a mistake. Nobody gives a fuck that it's a mistake, Terry. We all make those. Do we make deceitful, destructive, narcissistic, sick, inconsiderate mistakes?

Ben: Doing what we have to do doesn't always feel good.

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Arabella: Lenora - is she your friend?
Grace: Yes, my dear. She was also your father's play thing.
Arabella: You don't care?
Grace: I'm single and sexy. Why should I care?

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Kwame: I feel like I'm copying [Tyrone] now, like I'm coming across nice.
Ben: But you are nice.
Kwame: I reject that. I'm nice to you and to [Terry], but am I generally nice?

Kwame: Ben, do you ever get that feeling that someone's right for you but you're not yet the person you need to also be to be right for that person?
Ben: Yeah, I know what you mean.
Kwame: What do you do?
Ben: Do whatever you need to do to become the right person.

Kai: Well, I was born in Hartfordshire. I moved to London when I was 17 to make it as a guitarist. Turns out I wasn't the only one who saw the gap in the market for the next Jimmy Page. Couldn't compete so I ended up studying fine art, and now I have the outward appearance of a young man but there within my pants lies a vagina.

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