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S06.E15: Chrisley's Believe It or Not

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I have never heard of the Chrisleys before. Boy, they sure seem dumb. Although I admit the mother did quite well in celebrity name game. I figured Yvette would have to do all the work if that poor contestant was forced to pick one of the Chrisleys. In fact I would have chosen the daughter just based on the greater likelihood of her knowing more celebrity names than either of her parents.

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I would feel bad for the contestant who got stuck with them but she was a fan so I guess that was her reward.

The mother did much better in the final round than I anticipated.  She and YNB were good together but the contestant was pretty great as well.

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Yvette came to play, as usual, without being any less fun.  That woman can do no wrong.  I think she could come to my house and slap me across the face, and I’d thank her for her time.

My father used to have a lot of dumb reality on for background noise, and I particularly loathed the Chrisleys, so I was not looking forward to seeing them.  They were as vapid as I remembered, but I think they gave all they had, such as it was.  Julie certainly did hold her own in the bonus round.  I suppose this must have taped before Savannah testified against her parents at their grand jury for tax and bank fraud.

Minor quibble: when they play very visual games, like the face swap one, I wish they would stop cutting away to the people on the couches and other reaction shots.  This is one of the best games for playing along at home, but not if we get 5 seconds of the photo for every 10 of Nikki moaning about whatever.

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Man, if you come on the show and find all your team is reality stars and the opposing team has Yvette Nicole Brown , you might as well shake Jane's hand and head to the bar in the introductions. I wonder if this was the most lopsided score in the show history.

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I've never heard of the Chrisley's and don't know who they are, nor do I want to. I couldn't tell them apart from the "civilians' playing. While I enjoy this show, this was my least favorite episode ever. Has Jane worn out the welcome for players we've actually heard of? Still, LOL at the lopsided scores. No kidding, show. Take a hint!

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I do not wish to even Google these Chrisley twats to find out who they are, and never wish to see them on my television again. I am a big fan of some reality programming (mostly competitive), but in no way, shape, or form are they "celebrities" by sole virtue of being on a reality show. Please relegate these vapid cardboard cut-outs to the dustbin of t.v. history.

Was my calculation correct (based on the mention of a sweet 16 party date), and the daughter around 23 years old at the time of the show? Holy shit, I assumed she was in her 40s. And hon, you can take your stilettos off for a game that involves running around backwards on astroturf.

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I deleted this one without watching it. I just can't with that annoying Chrisley family. I tried watching their show a few times a couple years ago and could feel my brain attempting to rot each time. This is coming from someone started watching some of the Housewives franchises a few years ago off and on. Watching those is mostly an off thing now though and was even before COVID. The Chrisleys take annoying to a whole other level.

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On 6/29/2020 at 10:39 PM, 853fisher said:

I suppose this must have taped before Savannah testified against her parents at their grand jury for tax and bank fraud.


this made me laugh out loud. I don't follow the Chrisleys so I didn't know. Your deadpan deliver was awesome.

I felt bad for the contestant stuck with them but she didn't do that great herself so maybe it didn't really matter. 

It was awkward to me when Jane was interviewing the Chrisleys and they were talking about starting to film their next season. And everyone had to politely clap as if a reality show like that is an accomplishment and not disturbing. 

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