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S01.E07: Episode 7

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Wow, a lot of shit hit the fan in this episode. Part of me feels bad for Sean finally learning that his dad didn't want him to take over the family business. That's gotta hurt, especially since Sean thought he was being groomed to take over. Finn should have had the balls to tell his son the truth to his face instead of being a chicken shit and letting it all go down like this.

And not only did Finn not think Sean was capable of running the business but he hated his entire family so much that he deliberately planned to drain $1.5 BILLION from the bank accounts so that he could live on his $180 million island with his mistress. That's a shitty thing to do.

Those assassins did an awful job at the flower place. Your ONLY goal was to kill Lale and you managed to leave her alive? You'd think that a professional would be sure to find her and put a bullet right through her head to make sure that she was really dead, not just leave a pile of bodies and assume she was dead.

Interesting that Elliot's boss has been keeping tabs on him this whole time.

Once again, Marian shows herself to be the OG of the family.

Meanwhile, poor Billy was deliberately excluded from the family meeting (the same meeting where Sean was fine with having Danny stay) and exiled to the office while the grownups talked.

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I agree, those assassins were awful and they'll soon find out that their mission wasn't accomplished.

When they were grilling Ed at the table, I was afraid Marian was going to put a bullet in Shannon's head.  I think Elliot was afraid, too. 

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