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An American PR executive living in London schemes to keep her selfish clients out of trouble.

Starring Anna Paquin, Sophie Okonedo, Lydia Wilson

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I'm surprised there isn't already a topic for this awesome British dramedy. I thought there may be some renewed interest seeing as how Amazon picked it up after Pop decided not to air season 2 in the US. 

I just finished watching the first season and I was very pleased with not only the casting and acting, but the writing as well. For me this show strikes the perfect balance between dark and the comedically absurd. The dialogue is so sharp and witty at times (especially delivered by PR head honcho Caroline) that I find myself frequently rewinding to rewatch a scene.

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I've seen season one but as best as I've been able to determine season two isn't on Amazon Prime. Not yet anyway. Whatever, this show probably needs to do better publicity in the U.S. Anna Paquin's presence doesn't seem to be an automatic draw.

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