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S01.E01: Episode 1.1

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Anybody else watch the first episode of this on Sunday?

I didn't expect much because PBS hid this away at 10pm and I know the show was canceled after six episodes.  But darn it, I thought it was interesting and beautifully filmed.  I have been told to not get too emotionally involved because not only was the drama canceled but it also left everything hanging on a nasty cliff hanger.  Sigh. One of my pet peeves.  Doing this to an audience when they are not certain on being able to continue.

Oh well, I will stick with it because the first episode did keep me compelled. My guesses are that the hero is not the father of the baby, but his brother is.  And Marc Warren is being shifty and may be the villain.

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I didn't realize that PBS was showing it.  I watched the first few on PBS Passport but haven't seen the end.  The settings are just gorgeous!  You really get the feeling for want India was like back them.

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Sets and wardrobe are pretty. Lead is pretty. Not much about that period is pretty at all.

Guessing the baby is his, by his Indian wife who died in childbirth. Loving the. Cook.The bad guys should start twirling their mustaches soon. Good to see Leslie Nichols! 

Random thoughts that mean I’ll likely watch—and make up my own ending😉

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23 minutes ago, buttersister said:

Not much about that period is pretty at all.

Agreed.  Although a lot of it is pretty abysmal today as well.  I've been to Mumbai (although it was Bombay at that time) and it was pretty awful.

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The locations they used were ones that I had visited when I went to India.  Not sure about the story-but am sure that every period piece now has to have a shirtless scene of the male lead whether historically accurate or not.  Now, I'm not complaining, but I do roll my eyes a bit before taking in the eye candy...

Too many secrets for an enjoyable first episode in my opinion.  We can have compelling plots without everything being a secret/mystery or a potential love triangle.  

I really enjoyed most of the supporting characters.  I am in for the very brief life of this show.

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I reay love the rogue-ish costumes tom bateman's character gets to wear.

I'm not sure i can take LN's character seriously though, bc all i can see is Mrs. Patmore playing dress up. 

Poor young stringer's looking rough after everything went wrong for him in sanditon 😞

my guess is that the mystery wife/lover? Is someone who he met after being shot. Maybe the gal tended to his wounds or something and they fell in love (and then she died or they got seperated or something? Or like magdalene said, maybe the baby isn't his and he's covering it up.

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I thought it was boring beyond belief.  Just a little exposition amongst all the mystery would be nice, especially in a first episode.  A leading man who barely speaks but just walks around gloomily is not helpful.   If it doesn't get any better than this, I can understand why it didn't get a second season. 

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I wanted to love this show but the story lines are sooo thin. But the show is beautifully shot and the costumes and set design are fabulous so I’ll stick with it only because I’ve lived in Delhi and I’m in this for the memories it’s bringing back. But the story? No, Though Bateman is hunkalicious.

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On 6/16/2020 at 11:56 AM, magdalene said:

And Marc Warren is being shifty and may be the villain.

Yeah, he's got to be the bad guy.  As soon as he said Beecham was responsible for his dishonorable discharge it was setting the stage for revenge.

On 6/16/2020 at 7:56 PM, HoodlumSheep said:

Is someone who he met after being shot. Maybe the gal tended to his wounds or something and they fell in love (and then she died or they got separated or something?

That's a common theme for bodice-ripping novels so my money is on that.

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I’m just going to post this here because this was as far as I got and bailed.

Yes, the outfits were GORGEOUS! And it was exciting to see some of the scenes -outdoor and indoor-were places I’ve been to and toured. And that they take place in Jaipur, where my parents moved to when they retired.

But UGH at the boringness of it all. Not to mention that the actor who plays John Beechum? His attempt at speaking Hindi was hideous and I had NO CLUE what he was saying except for Shukriya, which is thanks/thank you.  I’ve seen this happen on many shows, but when people are speaking in their native tongue, or when it’s White people speaking or trying to speak-all the STUPID closed captioning shows is Speaking in [insert language here] or the actual words, like S’il vous plait here. Instead of showing the viewers what was actually said!

Not even my love for Roshan Seth will keep me watching.

I can’t believe the woman who gave me a great movie like Bend it Like Beckham utterly failed at making this interesting.

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