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S02.E11: A Fight Worth Fighting For

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Although I didn't like the introductory episode of the parademons, they've stuck with that storyline enough to make it worthwhile. Ivy isn't as great with Kite man as she is with Harley, but even sub-par Ivy is still very good. I do miss KIng Shark and Clayface.

Nothing they've done with the Joker has been predictable. I'm not sure I actually buy his romantic change of heart or his sudden friendly concern for Harley, but he could be playing up realtively minor feelings in order to not got his head 'sploded. Manipulation, lies, and moral inconsistency are all normal tools for him, so why not? Gotta ask how the chemical vat mutated his clothing, though. 

Riddler doesn't seem to be mind-controlled, so I doubt he'll be happy as second banana for much longer. There has to be a betrayal in the works. Probably he just wanted Psycho to be in charge of as much as possible before taking it from him.

Superman ought to be able to destroy the demons pretty much all by himself, right? I imagine Wonder Woman will have to be involved in the final face-off against Psycho, although so will Harley and friends. I need Ivy, Sharky, and Clay to get back to being themselves, ASAP. Maybe Tabitha will come on land and use the power of love? And/or... I'm still expecting some techno-hijinks from that Chekhov's eyeball that Sy left.

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When did Harley upgrade her skills to NEUROSURGERY and micro explosives???? This has to be a bluff. That detonator has no safety to prevent accidental firing. How does Joker not see this? He should have a big bald spot and stitches....

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2 hours ago, ruby24 said:

Also, if Joker got all of his memories back doesn't he know that Bruce is Batman? 

Finding his soulmate wiped out his man-crush?

Ivy will probably get distracted by Joker and leave herself vulnerable... 

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Maybe as the Joker memories flooded in, and his other mind fought against them, he wound up filtering out the ones he least wanted to remember. Such as how much he was hurt (in his extremely limited asshole way) by Harley leaving him. Or by finding out that Batman was just another rich kid with daddy issues.

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