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S01.E01: Episode 1

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I watched this last night.  I've seen my share of mob shows, but this does nothing for me.   There were too many characters to sort through and too many accents to try to decipher.   Also, that sadistic, dead-eyed mobster son is not compelling at all.  So, I'm done. 

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So violent!  So much to figure out.

Was the guy killed at the beginning the shooter or the driver?  Or someone else?

What happened to all of Finn's gang who went into the pub to "get" the Armenians?  I expected a pile of bodies, but it was like they vanished.

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So Colm Meany is on for all of 5 minutes, not even that?

But Catelyn Stark!  Though looks like she may just be a background character, just the widow behind her vengeful son, doesn't get to give little speeches?

At that meeting it looked really multi-ethnic.  Turns out the syndicate or cartel was started by an Irishman and a black man, who had doors closed in their faces but they kicked them down!

So is their territory mostly ethnic neighborhoods, the seedy underbelly of London?  I didn't expect that they'd show a lot of Knightsbridge or Mayfair but the trailer park and the tenement are certainly not the part of the iconography of London that we know.

I thought the handheld shots of the brawl, Elliot going through all those Albanians and then chasing Bezmir down was interesting, maybe as chaotic as Elliot's adrenaline-fueled rampage.

Pilot was better than the rather pedestrian name they gave to the show.

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I try to grade on a curve and have an open mind for all pilots because there's so much they need to establish. My main issue with this one was that there were SO many characters and some of them didn't have their names mentioned so I was referring to them as guy with the hair. It got even worse due to the funeral because everyone was wearing black!

On the plus side it looks like everyone and their mom is in the cast, and it's such a wide range of actors from Cat Stark to Danny Two Hats.

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