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Pieces of Her in the Media

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Pieces of Her is an 8 episode thriller series, all episodes being released on the same day, based on a 2018 novel of the same name by Karin Slaughter. Filmed in Australia.    March 4    Netflix


What if everything you thought you knew about your quiet, middle-age mother was wrong? What if she has spent the past 30 years hiding in plain sight?

Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) ends up at the center of a mass shooting in a diner in a sleepy little Georgia town, while celebrating her 30th birthday. During this unfortunate event, Andy witnesses her mother, Laura (Toni Collete), killing the assailant with surprising ease. That leads Andy to question the truth about her mother’s past and puts the young woman in danger as she gets in the way of some dangerous people who apparently know her mother.  Desperate for answers, Andy is forced to go on the run, and embarks on a dangerous journey across America, where she begins to piece together the truth of her mother’s previous identity and uncovers the secrets of her childhood.

Toni Collette plays Laura Oliver. Lovely, empathetic, modest – at first glance, Collette’s Laura Oliver seems to be the perfect Southern woman, devoted to her work as a speech pathologist and to her disaffected daughter, Andy. But when the ghosts of Laura’s past put her life in jeopardy, we discover there is more to Laura than meets the eye.

Bella Heathcote plays Andy Oliver. A self-saboteur, Andy is a college dropout living in her mother’s garage apartment. Aimless and struggling for direction, she is the complete opposite of her mother, who is a poised and well-respected speech pathologist. When a life-changing incident takes place at a small-town diner, Andy is forced to fend for herself as she is plunged into a world where nothing is as it seems.

Jessica Barden plays Jane, a piano prodigy and the only daughter of a Getty-like billionaire. At first sheltered, she starts to break away from her controlling father as she begins to realize the depth of her hunger for love and freedom.

Jacob Scipio plays Michael Vargas, an enigmatic stranger tracking Andy Oliver as she searches for the truth about her mother.

Joe Dempsie plays Nick, a grad student at Stanford and best friends with Andrew Queller, whom he uses to ingratiate himself with the family. Nick’s a captivating and charismatic leader who has an uncanny ability to know what people need and promise it to them. But if you cross him, he’ll never forget.

Aaron Jeffery plays a mysterious and potentially dangerous character that appears in Laura and Andy’s life after a random act of violence sets off an unexpected chain of events.

Omari Hardwick portrays Gordon Oliver, a successful lawyer in Savannah. When a shocking act of violence puts his ex-wife and stepdaughter in sudden danger, Gordon is drawn into a shadowy world.

Gil Birmingham plays Charlie Bass, a protective family friend of Laura and Andy Oliver.

Terry O’Quinn portrays Martin Queller, the charismatic, billionaire founder of pharmaceutical giant QuellCorp. Behind closed doors, Martin has an iron grip over his wife and three children Jasper, Andrew and Jane.

David Wenham portrays Jasper, the eldest of the three Queller siblings, forever driven to surpass his domineering billionaire father. His ambition both consumes and isolates him.

Calum Worthy plays young Jasper, the eldest of the three Queller siblings, Jasper is tortured by his relationship with his billionaire father – torn between proving his worth to the Queller name and protecting the world and those he loves most from it.

Nicholas Burton plays Andrew Queller, the younger son of Martin Queller  and the idealist of the family.

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This swedish reviewer on this tv/movie site I am a member off totally ripped this show to pieces. It was no mercy & they spoiled everything just so viewers wouldn't have to sit through the misery 😐 He linked to other international reviews, & the few I read wasn't merciful either. 

Too bad, apparently the book was good. 

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