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I am not making this up

JERRY O'CONNELL and his wife REBECCA ROMIJN will host. this special called “Haircut Night in America”, airing on CBS on Friday, May 29th

What's next, Toe Nail Clipping Night in America?haircut-night-cbs.jpg.31c33c92ea8cb5402ba9c1743e29045c.jpg

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Ugh! I can't stand Jerry O'Connell.

On 5/26/2020 at 3:54 PM, Irlandesa said:

Food Network is having a potluck night on Thursday hosted by QuestLove.

At least this is to support America's Food Fund and Questlove is a foodie, so this might be enjoyable.

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I watched about two minutes -- just long enough to scroll through my guide and find something else.  Anything else.  Y'all will have to let me know if it turns out to be as ridiculous as it sounds.

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I had it on while I was working on something else.
It reminded me of those commercials for the eye-bag cream where they have a PhotoShopped time-lapse video accompanied by audio of the middle-aged daughter saying dead pan: "We were screaming."

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