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That is a delight. Sorry, Jameela, but "she's still here" sent me. As is the case with all villain judges, I'm exhausted by Law, but always breathless with anticipation as to whether he's going to be kind that night or no.

Correct pick of best guest judges too. I'm still in awe over how great Kelly Rowland was!

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Here you go, @luckyroll3

On Jameela:

Seasons served: 3
Category Is:
• Personality: 7/10 — It’s fine.
• Judgment: 8/10 — It’s getting better.
• Looks: 7/10 — Also getting better, but she still needs to switch up the hair more.
• Willingness to fight: 5/10 — She has yet to competently read Law Roach.
Score: 27

Look, Jamil is getting better. Our least qualified and most controversial judge seemed to spend most of her time on previous seasons apologizing just for being there. This season, she took baby steps to finding a voice.

On Law:

Seasons served: 3
Category Is:
• Personality: 10/10 — I like drama, what can I say?
• Judgment: 9/10 — I like drama, what can I say?
• Looks: 9/10— The green bodysuit didn’t work for me (for me!).
• Willingness to fight: 10/10 — This is his category.
Score: 38

He’s clearly having a blast on that panel, whether he’s noting the House of Revlon’s Schiaparelli references or asking Mara Makaveli if they want to meet him outside. Excitement over Law’s contributions to the panel will vary, but if you come to the show for drama, Law’s gonna give you drama.

On Leiomy: 

Seasons served: 3
Category Is:
• Personality: 10/10 — She’s crazy, she’s sexy, she’s cool.
• Judgment: 10/10 — What, I’m gonna criticize Leiomy’s judgment?
• Looks: 10/10 — The anime look lives in my mind rent free.
• Willingness to fight: 10/10 — Always ready, never excessive.
• Gag-flag challenge win: +5 — Her use of it was truly funny.
Score: 45

Leiomy maintains top-dog status as Legendary’s resident ballroom expert, 360 creator, and no-bullshit taker...There is only one judge whose innovations form the basis of an entire Legendary challenge, and it’s Leiomy. There is only one judge who could refuse to evaluate a battle and then proceed to walk off the show because it was so bad, and it’s Leiomy. 

On Keke:

Seasons served: 1
Category Is:
• Personality: 10/10 — Took her role seriously but still had fun. What else do you want?
• Judgment: 9/10 — Point deducted for the Mission Impossiball incident.
• Looks: 10/10 — Has anybody ever looked better than Keke in that pink swimsuit?
• Willingness to fight: 10/10 — “Law, you’re just so tired” was the line of the season.
Score: 39

Palmer walked into the season with big shoes to fill as both the only new judge and the person replacing Megan Thee Stallion. Was she intimidated by the challenge? Nope! She had some truly great lines this season, including the indelible “Y’all still talking about that?” in response to the discussion of her (admittedly wrong) choice to give House of Makaveli a ten at the Mission Impossiball.

Guest Judges:

We’re not including the guest judges on the roster because they’re too diverse in quality to quantify generally. Just know that the best were Leslie Jones, Dominique Jackson and Kelly Rowland, and the worst was the twink who sang.

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20 hours ago, luckyroll3 said:

The only thing I disagree with is that I really loved all the judges' looks this season, every episode.

I did too, with the exception of the one they referred to as the singing twink. I thought his costume was awful. 

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On 6/15/2022 at 11:50 AM, Rai said:

Correct pick of best guest judges too. I'm still in awe over how great Kelly Rowland was!

Kelly Rowland was like a Fairy Goddess Mother that came down and blessed everyone with her mere presence. And she gave good feedback, too. 

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16 hours ago, rollacoaster said:

I did too, with the exception of the one they referred to as the singing twink. I thought his costume was awful. 

He didn't even change from the outfit he performed in. What does he think he this is? The Voice?

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I am mad late with watching Season 3, but I finally got through my 7 stages of grief with the egregious wrong done to the Haus of Tisci.  Actually I am still not over it...

And ha!  I feel vindicated.  They knew they were wrong, hence the Gag Flag.

I have to say, though I think they over corrected a bit.

First, I think they wasted the flags using them so early.

Second the talent level was just not there this year, imo, in comparison to other seasons (I mean, somebody busted out a Fornite move.  I about died from mortification!) The use of the Gags wasn't just early, but really undeserved in some cases.  Juicy and Revlon were the best by far with Yamamoto having flashes of brilliance, but overall sometimes things just looked messy, chaotic, and the required the elements just didn't look crisp or clean. I don't think any house, imo, fell into a spot where they had been so wonderful all season where one off night put them in jeopardy.

Which brings me to...The House of Juicy Couture.  They were clearly head and shoulders above everyone else, but I do think they were madly over-scored in a couple of main challenges and in some of the extra challenges.  My sense as the season went on is that they 100% knew Juicy was THEE house this season and they did not want another Tisci on their hands.  And since the full season performance scores would also play a part in determining the winner in the event of a finale tie, they hedged their bets to double-dog make sure Juicy couldn't be Tisci'd.  Even to a point where Leiomy gag flagged  them on a night they got a perfect score.  I actually thought Yamamoto's house performance on finale was better in every way than Juicy's.  But again, they were not going to risk a last minute ouster over a house they had been giving 10s to all season long. So while I think the win was deserved on merit, there was still a 'finger on the scales' feel to it for me.

Overall, I'd say out of the three seasons even with Tisci being robbed, this was my least favorite because I don't think there was any real suspenseful competition.  And I couldn't really point to any performances that just wow-wowed me, not even any of Juicy's.

Other general observations:

I loved the Judge's outfits each episode. They really stepped it up there. So cute and on point.

Keke was such a wonderful addition.  I never was a Meghan-as-judge fan, so no loss for me, but KeKe I  floved!

Excellent guest judges this season.  So much more intuitive-- except that one guy with the feathers. Who even was he?  And he was not on theme.  Ugh. Dominique came back and she was much less dramatic and messy this time around.  But still a welcome presence.

Even though I said Juicy didn't wow-wow me, I do have to say they were incredibly intelligent about how they approached the challenges.  For the Whorror House one where they pulled 'Hand Performance' as their element, they chose to do Nightmare on Elm street.  Hand performance drawing attention to Freddy Krueger's iconic lethal knife hands is sooo smart perfect.  Also, during the Octo-Puss-Puss challenge in episode 8, it was a full house hand challenge and their outfits were these spandex tight tops with two toned sleeves that were day-glo yellow on the underside and bright pink on the upper side, they 100% added a visual effect to the performance that locked your eyes on them. They really killed that one.

I don't know if it was the Honey effect from last season, but the nastiness factor was a little more evident this season.  There was the 'meet me outside'  confrontation between the Makaveli and Law that got kinda ugly.  Mama Yamamoto got nasty with Leiomy even after Jamilla gag flagged her.  And then you had the judges kinda encouraging the competitors to be nasty with each other by praising someone giving someone else the finger or laughing when someone was rude.  I get it can get testy but that really detracts from the competition to me.  I fear they might be setting a precedent so the show no longer becomes fun to watch if the houses know that being extra nasty and shady toward each other will net them praise.

The little wrangling I did like was amongst the judges. I find Jameela quite annoying and Jameela can come for Law everyday.  But she knows she can never, never EVER come for Leiomy.  She tried it and Leiomy shot her down with a look.  She had no choice but to bow down in contrition.  It was lovely.

I also liked Keke's confrontation with Law.  She read him.  But the best part was him listening to her drag him a bit,  and then after a second saying with respect  'You ate that."  THAT is what I liked to see.

Also when after Bob the Drag Queen has some critical words for House of Revlon, Law snootily said   "well I got the Schiaparelli reference', and Bob the Drag Queen shot back "Well of course you did.  But it may shock you to know we are not all stylists."  I was such a nice clap back the way he said it.  Again Law had to acknowledge the hit.

DeShaun of course, was everything!

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