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More like legs and dairy, amirite? 

Just kidding, I cannot. Wait. For. This. While we do, shall we enjoy Queen Leimony Maldonado, who is going to be a judge on this show, doing a Bollywood routine with her then-dance crew Vogue Evolution on America's Best Dance Crew back in 2010?


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Okay, HBO Max can have my coins. I loved this show!

Leiomy? Icon. Pretty much the reason to watch this show, IMHO.

I'm familiar with Law, Megan, and Deshaun. Jameela is new to me.

Of course, my default is to root for everybody black.  It's a bit concerning to see the House of Ninja with no Black members.  I'm not familiar with the House of Ebony, so I guess their mother is accepted...

I also recognized Destiny West as the hero on Instagram in pink boots, SuperBitch! He give combos!

I'm rooting for House Lanvin (Mother Eyricka is fierce!), House Balmain, and House St. Laurent.

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Loving this. Lots of fun to watch; the perfect diversion for these stressful times, especially since we don’t seem to be getting a season three of POSE anytime soon. 
The right house was sent home. 
I get an “off” feeling about the mother of House of Ebony,  can’t quite explain it, like she’s playing at this. She is definitely the weakest of her team. 

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I liked that there was no elimination in the first episode and it was really just about introducing each house.

I enjoyed the second episode but after seeing five different people from each house perform in three different categories, I totally get why the first episode was just "this is each house" so that we could get to know them first. Seeing them all split up into multiple categories could have been really overwhelming in the first episode.

I guess the show wants to appeal to a mainstream audience which is why they brought in Megan and Jameela, but I really wish they had included more ballroom experts. Once the actual judging begins in the second episode, each judge awards each performance either a 10 or a 0, and a 0 means that performance is eliminated. The problem with this judging system is that there are only two ballroom experts. It doesn't seem right that the majority of the judges (Megan, Jameela, and a guest judge) have the ability to eliminate anyone since they have no knowledge or expertise in ballroom.

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On 5/25/2020 at 10:12 PM, Corgi-ears said:

More like legs and dairy, amirite? 

Just kidding, I cannot. Wait. For. This. While we do, shall we enjoy Queen Leimony Maldonado, who is going to be a judge on this show, doing a Bollywood routine with her then-dance crew Vogue Evolution on America's Best Dance Crew back in 2010?


I don't know about you, but that seemed very choreographed to me!  Lol!  I actually vaguely remember this episode of ABDC.

I fucking LOVED this!  I wasn't completely taken with the first episode, because I couldn't understand why there weren't any categories, why some houses had longer routines than others, why some had limited dancing, etc.  But then when Jameela asked that one team if they were planning to vogue, and the house mother responded, "We were told to introduce our house and we introduced our house", it clicked for me what was going on.  

But the second episode was fire!  From the categories, the outfits, the dancing, the shade from the contestants and the judges, Tyson Beckford not knowing what the hell he was in for and still loving every minute of it.  It was all great.  

My one complaint is that they spent too much time on judges reactions instead of showing what's happening on the stage, and there were definitely some great moments that got missed because of that.  If they want to include reaction shots, they should be inset in boxes so that we can see the entire performances.  


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On 5/30/2020 at 2:04 PM, luckyroll3 said:

My one complaint is that they spent too much time on judges reactions instead of showing what's happening on the stage, and there were definitely some great moments that got missed because of that.  If they want to include reaction shots, they should be inset in boxes so that we can see the entire performances.  

Agreed. the only time we should be seeing the judges is during the Legendary Roll Call and when they are judging the performances.  I want to see Megan twerk and Leiomy do her Lolly!

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Legendary bosses respond to initial controversy


Various celebrities chimed in to voice concern, including Hustlers actress Trace Lysette, who said she was interviewed for the show but didn't get the gig. On top of that, Lysette tweeted that "a ballroom elder who will remain nameless is still fighting for a producing credit for putting the structure of the show together," including "categories." Lysette declined to comment further for this story.

Dashaun Wesley, the ‘Legendary’ MC of HBO Max’s new voguing competition series, spills the tea on bringing underground queer ballroom culture into the mainstream


About two years ago, Wesley was contacted by the Emmy Award-winning team behind “Queer Eye” who told him about their idea of bringing the extravaganza eleganza world of ballroom Houses to the screen.

Wesley, who now lives in Los Angeles (“we have a ballroom scene out here”) was initially approached to participate in the show as a competitor. But after “having many talks” with Scout Productions and “making sure things go correctly about this show," he was invited to the the show’s master of ceremonies.


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I liked that this week's guest judge was a ballroom expert. No offense to Tyson Bedford, but we already have two judges who aren't ballroom experts so I would prefer the third judge to know about ballroom. And Dominique Jackson!

I was excited to see how the teams would interpret the circus theme. I know it's a played out concept but I'd rather that they have clear themes for the challenges (as opposed to some of the stuff we got last week, particularly in the final category).

It was really clear from their facial expressions that all three ballroom judges did not like House of Ninja's performance.

I don't know enough about ballroom to know if that 360 originated with Leiomy, but I know that in the world of dance, there are things that people view as their signature move so although they can't stop anyone from doing it, they are still possessive about it.

House of Balmain's circus tent costume reminded me of the giant Mother Ginger skirt in the Nutcracker. I liked that they went with creepy circus.

St. Laurent's routine was a little slow to start. I don't know if the houses are given time limits for their routines but I kept waiting for them to get started. I could tell that Law and Dominique were not into this routine AT ALL. They weren't even trying to hide it.

Escada was smart to assign one element of vogue to each character. It gave them a very clear story and it showcased each aspect of vogue. The section at the end was a little messy but the rest of the routine was good. In the future they need to work on being cleaner with the choreography that they do in unison, but other than that I really liked their performance.

Ouch, Miracle leaving Gucci in the middle of the competition made things really hard on everyone else who was left. When you have a large group, you can hide a hole in a formation by moving people around and adjusting, but when there are only five people and you're down to four it takes a lot more work to balance out missing someone. The looks on the faces of the people backstage after Gucci insulted Dominique was priceless.

Congratulations to Escada for winning this week!

For me, Ninja won the final battle without question. It wasn't even close.

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Episode 3

Listen, the best thing about House Ninja is Chise. She is a BEAST!  She is doing this show with a good mindset; she just wants to have fun! She really saved her House this ep. 

I shall miss Christian St. Laurent, with his foine self.

Law is really trying my patience. Why is he so combative? Yes, Dominique Jackson is a guest, but you shouldn't be rude to guests!  I thought Gucci was going to have to battle because of Delicious and her slick mouth. 

Was Leiomy also beefing with Dominique, or is she just channeling the spirit of Naomi Campbell just a bit too hard? Mama looked like she was not happy with this gig.  I wonder if there is some behind the scenes tea that needs to be spilled?

I'm still not feeling it for the House Mothers of Ebony and Ninja.  I was going to talk cash shyt about Delores and her House going home if she didn't choose Chise for the final battle.

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Dominique was so dramatic with EVERYTHING! And I loved how messy and petty and shady all of it was.  I am enjoying this show so damn much!

11 hours ago, Stardancer Supreme said:

Listen, the best thing about House Ninja is Chise. She is a BEAST!  She is doing this show with a good mindset; she just wants to have fun! She really saved her House this ep. 

Yes!  Chise might as well come out by herself for every challenge.  She is amazing.  She don't need the rest of them ninjas.

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Ugh, I find Nico insufferable so as soon as I saw that they were the guest judge, I was prepared to have to mute or fast forward them. I was pleasantly surprised that they weren't totally obnoxious.

Best gown category:

Balmain - Calypso's blue twirling skirt reveal reminded me of the big finale in Center Stage when Jody twirls away to reveal a different leotard/skirt underneath. The dress itself was fine but I wanted more.

Ebony - Technically Xa'Pariis fulfilled the twirling requirement but as someone who had a competitive twirler in the competition, that was some basic ass baton work.

Gucci - Delicious did her reveal too early. She also didn't really spin which is she deserved the chop.

Lanvin - Eyricka's spinning umbrella was like a low rent version of the jellyfish umbrellas you see at festivals. It barely met the spinning requirement. But I liked the cow print to fulfill the wild west theme.

Ninja - Sattva's wheel concept was a fun idea but I thought the hat worked better than the actual wheels on her dress which didn't spin very well. I blame it more on the construction though because you could see one of the wheels was crooked. But this is a perfect example of why I don't like having Jameela and Meghan as judges. These non-ballroom experts have the ability to eliminate someone with one wave of the fan. The actual ballroom expert Law specifically said he liked it.

Escada - Twilight did a lot of bragging about his reveal. It was different from the others and I liked that the hat fit the wild west theme, but the actual reveal was just "I'm holding this up and then dropping it."

Calypso vs Xa'Pariis - Calypso won this for me because she was moving and spinning. Xa'Pariis just stood there and did the same baton move that she did earlier. FYI - that is one of the first tricks they teach little kids. I never learned to twirl (both my sisters did) but even I can do that one move. I liked her gown but it didn't seem very wild west to me.

Eyricka vs Twilight - I preferred Twilight's performance better but that dress was a little too simple. Eyricka just stood there spinning her umbrella.

Xa'Pariis vs Twilight - Twilight was selling it more so I had him as the winner too.

Sheriff of Seduction/Body category:

Lanvin - Packrat's costume itself wasn't really wild west. It was the hat and maybe the belt that kind of made it a bedazzled wild west bikini.

Ebony - Isla's costume was a tiny bit more wild west because of the vest but again it was a bedazzled bikini. I she definitely had a better runway performance than Packrat.

Gucci - Jarrell was the first look that was really recognizably wild west. He looked amazing in that gold outfit.

Ninja - Dolores just walked but she did it with such attitude. Her ass looked great in those chaps.

Escada - Jazzul was a bit spare in the wild west theme (and I didn't get the chinchilla looking jacket) It never fails to amuse me how people are so impressed by dancing pecs.

Balmain - Jamari got points for giving me more wild west.

Packrat vs. Isla - from what little we saw of this battle, they were pretty evenly matched.

Jarrell vs Dolores vs Jamari - this was definitely the hotter battle since we got three hot performers together!

I loved that this category was so empowering for the performers. It was great seeing how confident it made them. Congratulations to Packrat!

Mannequin category:

Escada's Kill Bill performance started out with a story but it ended up being just a dance with the story not going anywhere. The other issue was that they weren't in unison. Their choreography was simple enough (a lot of walking) that they should have been able to be together.

Ebony had the same problem. Their choreography in the beginning was mostly walking and it still wasn't in unison. Shorty's tumbleweed costume was too big and bulky which made the movements look messy.

Gucci's bank heist performance was mostly explained with the graphics in the background and not as much by their choreography. What is it with these houses that can't manage to walk in unison? It's WALKING. Start on the same foot and walk on the beat. It's not rocket science. Overall, this performance was too sloppy. I liked the gold theme of their costumes.

I liked that the Ninjas started in the same costumes (which were very wild west) and that they had a clear story. They made a lot of smart choices (including stripping down one article of clothing at a time) and their performance showed how powerful it can be just to have five people walk in unison.

Lanvin's diamond heist performance took a while to get started but I liked that they had a lot of choreography and clear formations which the other houses seemed to be lacking. There was still a little messiness.

Balmain's saloon performance was fun but I was afraid that the judges would penalize them for having their faces covered the entire time.

I agreed with the house of Ninja winning this category.

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Episode 4:

Nico Tortorella was tolerable as a guest judge. What was that on their face?

Twilight was talking a whole lot of shit for what amounted to a hat dress.  He did sell it, so I will let him live.

Team Packrat! I was blubbering right along with her and Megan, Thug tears!

I'm not feeling it for Isla Ebony and it looks like her House is about to be broken. 

How is it that these established Houses can't walk in unison? Isn't that the first thing you work on as a House?  As much as I am also not feeling Delores Ninja, at least the Ninja girls can work together and look good as a group.  

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On 6/11/2020 at 6:15 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Ninja - Dolores just walked but she did it with such attitude. Her ass looked great in those chaps.

Dolores' whole body - holy shit; it's amazing!


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11 hours ago, luckyroll3 said:

Dolores' whole body - holy shit; it's amazing!


Yeah. I’m feeling a certain way about Dolores and I don’t even lean that direction.

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Ooh, I was into the old way vogue category. I'm all for dance and fashion evolving but it's important to have respect and knowledge of the origins. But I was cracking up over them saying things like "high fashion mummy."

Balmain - Gravity did indeed look like a high fashion mummy and he was so clean.

Gucci - Jeter's gold costume was fun but I wanted more voguing.

Lanvin - Carlos was fine but I wanted more out of his performance.

Ebony - Shy's Michael Jackson impersonation was weak.

Escada - Yyoyo's gold track suit was a little too New Jersey grandma.

Ninja - Sattva looked fine so I was surprised that she got chopped by two of the judges. Leiomy said you're not supposed to split or show stretch in this category and I still had no idea what that meant. Like you're not supposed to do the splits or show flexibility? I don't remember seeing her do the splits so I wish that she had clarified what that meant.

Balmain vs Gucci - I preferred Balmain but what the hell do I know?

Lanvin vs Escada - the camerawork was terrible during this battle so I felt like I missed a good chunk of the actual performance. Stop showing the judges! Lanvin did the splits so I guess my interpretation

Gucci vs Lanvin - again, we had people doing the splits so I still have no idea what Leiomy was talking about. It was great to see Jeter and Carlos hugging backstage afterwards.

Ugh, I got annoyed when they explained the second category. Jameela specifically asked Leiomy what makes the floor performance aspect of voguing so challenging. This is when the ballroom experts could have educated the audience. Instead, Leiomy said, "For me, it's all about having confidence and selling the poses and selling your body type, whatever that is." That isn't specific to floor work so thanks for nothing!

I love the house categories because we get to see them work together as a team.

Ninja's Roman gladiator performance was really intense and entertaining. Chise was great.

Balmain's mummified pharaohs performance was not my favorite. I loved the makeup but the choreography felt too basic.

Escada's Greek gods performance was messy and not in sync. And there wasn't much floor.

Gucci's caveman costumes looked good.

Ebony had the most complex choreography aside from Ninja. They definitely had some mistakes but they had a high energy performance. Bad back handsprings are my pet peeve, partly because it's visually unattractive but mostly because I'm always terrified that someone is going to get hurt.

Lanvin's African warrior performance started out well but there were a lot of synchronicity problems.

Wow, the Shorty vs. Mikayla battle was SO good. It was awesome to see that much fire from both of them.

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Episode 5:

Kelli Osbourne? Surely we have Black celebrities familiar enough with Ballroom culture to be guest judges.  

Team Jeter! Now I had wanted to give the Old Way category to Carlos Lanvin, but his red Mummy outfit was probably too flashy for the judges.

House Ninja works really well as a group. It only falls apart once they work individually. Chise is the only reason they are still in the running.

I'm a bit surprised because some of these Houses act as though they just met each other before the show started filming.  House Ebony especially. Shorty was the only member anybody paid any attention to. Law fell in lust with Shorty and I found that hilarious.

I'm fine with Gorgeous Gucci being the superior House this week. Jeter did it for them.

The final battle between Mikayla and Shorty? Baby! That was fire!  I knew Mikayla was going to eat Shorty up once she asked for her heels.  From what I could see, Shorty was too busy kissing up to the judges whose vote he already had.  Next season, we want to see the full battle; I'm sure there is a way to clip in the judge's reaction in a corner of the screen.  I had to rewatch the battle a few times to catch all the power of Dark Princess Mikayla Lanvin.

It was time for House Ebony to go.  House Ninja needs to be chopped next.   


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On 6/18/2020 at 10:42 AM, ElectricBoogaloo said:

Ninja - Sattva looked fine so I was surprised that she got chopped by two of the judges. Leiomy said you're not supposed to split or show stretch in this category and I still had no idea what that meant. Like you're not supposed to do the splits or show flexibility? I don't remember seeing her do the splits so I wish that she had clarified what that meant.

I mostly don't know what I'm talking about, or the correct terminology, but I've watched Paris is Burning a hundred times and only about ten seconds into Sattva's routine I was thinking: "She is going to get chopped".

I can't really articulate why I knew/thought this--it just didn't 'look' right for old-school vogue. 

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Law Roach continues to be trash. Yes, Dashaun was right to say, diplomatically, that the judges are there to judge. But judging should entail doing more than telling us what you "feel," (namely and unfailingly, "bored"), and, "I said what I said." Leiomy is a queen for reading him and his resume-dropping to filth.

I guess I'm still pissed at Law being not just trash, but fucking trash last week. The Mikayla and Shorty battle was exhilarating, but it was ruined for me by how Shorty seemed to feel the need to flirt with and grind up against the judges in order to save his house. And who created that need? Fucking Law, since he was the one who, in the preceding round, was all, "Hey Shorty, want a date?" Fuck off, Law. Yeah. "I" "said" "what" 'I" "said."

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Intergalactic battle! Ugh, the show needs to stop showing the teams watching backstage on the monitor instead of showing us the actual performance.

Fembots - yay, more voguing!

Balmain - Jamari's performance wasn't very robotic until the very end after he got his scores. I also thought the actual vogue elements were a bit weak. I especially noticed his duck walk was not great. There were no spins and does it really count as a dip if you're already on the floor?

Ninja - Chise, on the other hand, hit every aspect of voguing and killed it. I couldn't believe that Jameela said she liked Jamari's performance better. Oh, wait, yes, I can because she doesn't know shit about ballroom.

Lanvin - Zay Zay's performance seemed extra short but I couldn't tell if it got edited by the show or if that was just a really short walk. I rewound and they literally showed 15 seconds of Zay Zay before asking for the judges' scores.

Gucci - Deshon had more voguing content than Zay Zay but I didn't see anything robotic except the black and silver costume.

Escada - Shyanne's costume didn't really say robot to me but I liked her performance.

Jamari vs. Chise was no contest to me. Chise fulfilled the robot and voguing requirements while Jamari didn't. Even the leg thing that one of the judges liked wasn't robot like. It looked like he was going fishing.

Lanvin vs Gucci vs Escada - it was pretty close and honestly, it can be distracting to have three dancers battling instead of two.

Jamari vs Shyanne - After watching Jamari perform three times in a row, I feel that he relies too much on gymnastics.

Take me to your leader/avant garde house

Gucci - this performance was really weak for me. There was a 20 second intro with Delicious talking and then another 30 seconds of nothing happening. Once they finally kind of started doing stuff, they couldn't even walk in unison.

Balmain - I liked that they decided to incorporate humor and show a different side of themselves to the judges. The opening with everyone as part of Jamari's skirt was a fun idea, but I felt like the story never really went anywhere. I thought the pink and silver costumes were fun though.

ITA that Law is a shitty judge. I don't care how many shows you've seen if you're not a good judge. It's fine if you want to say how the performance made you feel, because art is supposed to make you feel something. But if that's the only critique you have to offer after seeing "all the shows around the world," then you're not an adequate judge. You need to articulate WHY you feel this way. "I'm bored" doesn't cut it. If you claim that you're here to offer your expertise, then USE YOUR WORDS. If you're going to brag about how you're one of the highest paid and most successful stylists in the world, then prove your worth and give an actual critique. Ha, I laughed when Leiomy said she didn't need his resume.

Lanvin - this was the first house performance of the night that felt like a thought out and cohesive performance. Their costumes fit the theme, they had synchronized choreography, and it was really fun to watch. Putting Makayla in an egg was an amusing idea too.

Ninja - wow, I am always amazed when people like Sharron take their passion for something and introduce it to their community. Their caterpillar idea looked more interesting (and I give them credit for wanting to do something weird and unexpected) during rehearsal but it felt like it took too long for the other girls to come out from under that fabric and by then, they'd already lost the judges' interest. But when Leiomy told them that, I laughed when they cut to Jamari backstage saying, "Y'all better leave Dolores alone!"

Escada - I liked their flower concept but, like Ninja, they took too long to get started. The costumes were interesting but I think they hampered their movement.

Awww, I'm going to miss the House of Ninja. I always looked forward to seeing what they would do each week.

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6 hours ago, Corgi-ears said:

Law Roach continues to be trash. Yes, Dashaun was right to say, diplomatically, that the judges are there to judge. But judging should entail doing more than telling us what you "feel," (namely and unfailingly, "bored"), and, "I said what I said." Leiomy is a queen for reading him and his resume-dropping to filth.

I guess I'm still pissed at Law being not just trash, but fucking trash last week. The Mikayla and Shorty battle was exhilarating, but it was ruined for me by how Shorty seemed to feel the need to flirt with and grind up against the judges in order to save his house. And who created that need? Fucking Law, since he was the one who, in the preceding round, was all, "Hey Shorty, want a date?" Fuck off, Law. Yeah. "I" "said" "what" 'I" "said."

Agreed. I'm not a fan of judge drama.  Law doesn't really add anything to this panel of judges.  I have no idea who Taylor Bennett is.  I'm Old. LOL!

I knew it was time for House Ninja to go. I guess they couldn't use Chise to save them twice.  Yes, that House performance took too long to execute. 

I thought that House Escada would have sent Twilight out. Shyanne was great, but a little too reserved. She couldn't possibly have been intimidated by Sharron Ninja. Chise Ninja, yes.  I was spoiled by Dark Princess Mikayla Lanvin's battle last week. 

I'm rooting for House Lanvin to take it all.



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On 6/25/2020 at 6:22 AM, Corgi-ears said:

Law Roach continues to be trash. Yes, Dashaun was right to say, diplomatically, that the judges are there to judge. But judging should entail doing more than telling us what you "feel," (namely and unfailingly, "bored"), and, "I said what I said." Leiomy is a queen for reading him and his resume-dropping to filth.

Law is annoying as hell.  And I started rolling my eyes hard when he started talking about being the highest paid stylist in the world.  Uhmmmm.... Ok.  Congrats.


But what the fuck does that have to do with this competition?!?! All that being said, I actually agreed with him.  Balmain's performance was BORING.  I loved loved loved the concept, the looks, and the storyline; it was so creative and bizarre!  I was waiting for the beat to drop and for them to take it up a notch to the next level. But that never came and then it was over.  There were no dynamics to the performance; it stayed at the baseline.  I do wish we had gotten to hear what some of the other judges thought about it though (seemed to be a lot more of Law this episode for some reason). 

Ninja, Ninja, Ninja.  They fucked up!


Chise is your best battler (not sure if that's a word, but it fits)! Why was she not chosen to go in.  And don't remember the other girl's name, but she wasn't it.  I don't know what she was doing.  And you could tell some of the judges didn't want them to leave because they'd been so dominating all season, but they simply couldn't chose Ninja because Shayanne clearly won that battle. 

A very similar thing happened on the previous Drag Race All-Stars season with a different result.  Trinity had been the clear front-runner from the beginning.  But in the 3-4 episodes leading up to the finale, Monet X Change got fully into her groove and proved she was a contender. And in the final episode and lipsync Monet wiped the floor with Trinity.  Monet deserved to win the crown, but in my (and many others' opinions) because they felt that Trinity was the "intended" winner, Ru decided to have a bullshit tie.  It was nonsense.  But it did bring up a lot of questions as to whether comps like these should be based on history/trajectory or what happens in the final battle. 

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Chise and Dolores will be sorely missed in this competition. 

On 6/25/2020 at 12:46 PM, Stardancer Supreme said:

I have no idea who Taylor Bennett is.  I'm Old. LOL!

I didn't know, either, but was thinking, "He looks like Chance the Rapper." Thanks to Megan for clearing up that he's Chance's brother. Which somehow qualifies him to judge ballroom?

And thanks to Leiomy for: "A resume means nothing to me, Mamita!"

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Ooh, the supervillain twist was interesting.

Runway + vogue Queen Titan category

Balmain - aww, I thought it was sweet that Jamari said he was going to be a ninja in honor of the House of Ninja being eliminated last week. I wish we'd seen how they did this dramatic costume reveal. It looked like the one in Frozen but I'm assuming more low tech like a velcro rip away?

Lanvin - Zay Zay's green outfit was cool but it took too much work to reveal it down to the white costume. I liked the runway walk but the vogue section seemed weaker.

Escada - London's runway look was dramatic but just dropping a big jacket doesn't really seem like a reveal.

Gucci - Delicious was totally off the music during her runway walk which REALLY annoyed me. And again, taking off a long jacket isn't really a reveal. At least London had a really dramatic jacket on. Delicious didn't seem to have a lot of vogue in her vogue section.

Jamari vs. Shorty Ebony aka Bad Baby - ha, that was a fun battle to watch. In terms of gymnastics, Jamari doing a back handspring into a back layout stepout was way more impressive than Shorty doing three cartwheels into a round off. I give Shorty credit for doing such a silly character and staying in character.

Elastic Fantastic category

Escada - Yyoyo had a cool costume but I felt like I saw barely any of her performance because it was very short and they kept cutting to the judges and to the backstage camera.

Lanvin - Carlos had a lot more clear hand and arm stuff and it looked very clean.

Balmain - Gravity had lots of arm and hand content. It was clean and so fast.

Gucci - Jeter was fine but a little repetitive.

For me, Lanvin and Balmain were the clear top two. I would have been fine with either of them winning but I gave the slight edge to Balmain. Gucci and Escada were just not in the same realm.

Carlos vs. Monster 007 - Carlos had more variety, not just in his moves but in his tempo and intensity. You can't be on 10 the entire time. You need to have different levels and dynamic contrast.

Super fashionista - ooh, I was so excited about this category!

Balmain - Calypso's outfit didn't seem like enough for a high fashion category. I thought her poses were a bit pedestrian. Winnie Harlow loved her poses so I guess I don't know shit.

Escada - Jazzul's Batman outfit fit the superhero theme of the ball, but high fashion?

Lanvin - Eyricka's white outfit was fine but I didn't like the cut of the back of the cape, which made it seem a little cheap. It should have been cut more generously so it would flow more dramatically.

Gucci - Deshon's outfit looked more like a Mardi Gras costume.

Eyricka Lanvin vs. the Filthy Penguin aka Champ St. Laurent - I loved that when he tried to block her with his umbrella, she used it as a prop for herself.

Wonder Twin category - Gucci saying that Lanvin won superior house last week because Makaylah did some flips sounded like sour grapes to me. There are other houses that have gymnastics tricks and they don't always win. Case in point: Shorty can flip, but the House of Ebony was eliminated.

Balmain - Torie and Cali were fine but I kept waiting for them to give me a big moment.

Lanvin - Makaylah and Packrat had cute superhero outfits. They were colorful which is good for the runway. Ha, I loved that they way they tagged in/out was the good old McDonald's Big Mac Filet O'Fish thing.

Escada - Shyanne and Twilight definitely had attitude on the runway.

Gucci - Jarrell and Jeter looked great on the runway. Jarrell was much stronger. He knows how to work that cape.

Lanvin had the best overall performance. Jarrell was in second for me.

Lanvin vs. Lethal Leopard/Queen Bee aka Lolita Leopard 007 & Honey Balenciaga - wow, the bees killed it. Lanvin ended up looking messy. They looked like a totally different team than the one that was just on the runway a few minutes before. The bees, on the other hand, looked confident and in charge. The bees definitely deserved to win.

Wow, Lanvin's fourth superior house trophy. Next week is going to be interesting with the Lanvin/Gucci vs. Balmain/Escada superhouse battle.

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Episode 7:

I found this episode more enjoyable.  The judges behaved better this week. Winnie Harlow looked like she had a blast in the guest judge chair.

Queen Titans:  Father Jamari Balmain is it. Love him!  His reveal was the cleanest one and he didn't leave bits of his costume on the floor.  I deduct points for sloppiness in the reveals.   I wanted Jamari to eat Shorty up, and he did. Thanks!

Elastic Fantastic:  I also have a deep appreciation for Carlos Lanvin.  He looked especially good dressed up as Dr. Strange.   I wasn't even looking at the villian at the end. 

Super Fashionista:  Who can beat Mother Eyricka Lanvin?  Nobody.  Mother Eyricka got bonus points for snatching Champ's umbrella as hers. How dare he try to cover up the brilliance of House Lanvin?

Wonder Twin Power: I was up for Mikalya and Packrat Lanvin!  Hopefully she didn't mess up her knee even more with that desperation flip in the Villian battle. I was so entertained with Lolita Leopard 007 and Honey Balenciaga! When Lolita yanked Mikalya up, it was over.  Hopefully we will see another season of Legendary to see 007s and other Houses.

I would have been surprised if any other House was superior than Lanvin this week.  I do think Mother Eyricka should have chosen House Balmain to push House Gucci and Escada out.   I get she wants to battle House Balmain, but no sense in letting them get any props until you get to battle for the title of Legendary House. 

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I really didn't enjoy the houses teaming up. I think part of what makes each house unique is how the members already have a bond. Throwing two houses together for a hot minute and making them work together temporarily didn't add anything good to the competition.

Tamar wasn't the worst guest judge we've had, but she definitely wasn't the best one either.

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Episode 8: 

I really enjoyed this season! The judges have gelled into a decent working unit despite Law's foolishness. 

I also didn't like the megahouse twist.  Mother Eyricka was just not working with House Gucci.  I would have given the "Tales of Atlantis" battle to Balscada because their team had members from both houses. As for Balscada, London should have walked and Jamari should have vogued.  London is handsome, but his vogue always looks slow and painful.

"Octo Pus Pus Party" - The judges really didn't like either team's performance.  Might want to not use this category next season. 

"Merfolk Physique" - Did anyone expect Cali to beat Father Jarrell? Heh.

"To Sea or Not To Sea" - Shyanne was gorgeous! I see why the judges went with Balscada.

"Rich Fish Bitch" - This was cute and I have to agree with the win for Balscada.  Jamari and London had that thing and sold themselves as a rich couple.  I wonder why these competitors didn't get that the judges don't like masks. 

I didn't mind Tamar being a judge.


Episode 9:

Loved the dance with Leiomy and Deshaun.  So beautiful!

Balmain turned out to be the main attraction after all.  I think House Lanvin let those previous wins go to their heads a little.  They assumed that the win was theirs before they got it.  Jemari and House Balmain fought until the very last battle and their win was well deserved.

I want a Season 2! 



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What I wouldn't give to see a Mikayla vs Chise battle!  They should do a mini episode.....

Sad that this wasn't given 10 episodes and we lost the live audience.  I liked the family, but I wished they could have at least brought back all the former houses and have them serve as the audience.  

Was not feeling Mother Eyrika trying to put down the "virgin houses".  They beat you fair and square ma'am!  They were fabulous and rich bitches.  

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Ok I just discovered/binged this.  Did not know I needed this in my life.

My overall all episodes/season thoughts:

I loved DaShaun.  Loved. Those cheekbones were to die! He was a fantastic MC.

I hated the judging panel.  Or rather I hated that the only person on the panel who seemed like they could really judge with some authority was Leomy (which she rightly reminded us over and over).  I have no idea what Jameela or Meghan brought to the table other than being celebrities.  And Law just seemed like he was pissy the entire time. I hated him.  I wish they had used him only for fashion judging because of course he has an eye and a real deep instinct for a look and an impact.  But that is where his expertise should have ended.  There had to be some famous drag queens or members of the trans community who had a background in ball culture that could have served as a second permanent judge with Leomy, at least there would have been someone there so we wouldn't always see her explaining what they were supposed to be looking for.  And rather than random famous guest judges who sometimes looked like they had no clue (I mean  Chance the Rapper's little brother?  Tyson Beckford?), they could have selected people who were famous in specific content areas like dance or choreography.  So You Think You Can Dance would bring on people like Misty Copeland.  If you want Ballroom to be "seen" then let the legends who made it be seen as well.  Even though she was over-dramatic and a lot of a narcissist, I actually liked Dominique's insight (when she gave critique). And Tamar was super fun ("Spider Bitch you showed out tonight!") and frankly I would have been happy if she had been a permanent judge over Law any day of the week.

My favorites from the start were Balmain, Lanvin and I had a soft spot for Gucci with their drag homage to 'Diamonds are a Girl's best Friend' (which I am so surprised no one on the judging panel mentioned).  I rooted for them, especially after their one member bailed.  They were an underdog for me and felt scrappy.  Escada was a bit middle of to road for me for most of the show, but Shyanne was riveting every-time she did anything.

But I liked Balmain.  They always seemed to bring something rather editorial to their looks and performance.  Their Circus performance - it had wit, a story, crisp dance moves and synchronicity.  I also really enjoyed their Remember the Times Mummy dance -- it was a very pared-down performance in that they let the beat the of the music do most of the work and they concentrated on old-skool voguing to carry it in exact cadence with the beat of the song.  But I think it was the lack of all the extra theatricality that let you just sit back and enjoy the moves.   It seemed like everyone was strong and they didn't have to depend on one person to pull the extra weight like some of the houses did.

With Lanvin, they were never as edgy as Balmain, but they had a lot of personality, mainly due to their House Mother.  She had charisma to spare. And they also had a deep bench.  And I need to shout  Carlos during the Tights and Capes competition.  He was Dr. Strange and he during his competition he did the vogueing using only his hands.  This was especially interesting to me because while I am not by any means a comic book nerd there are some comic book artists whose works I love and one of them is Steve Ditko.  And Ditko's Dr. Strange was iconic, his lines would have been perfect for the sorts of stylized poses vogueing uses, especially the hands. So I immediately felt Carlos was channeling Ditko's version of Strange.

I could never get behind House Ebony or House Ninja.  For me Ebony just read as rather all over the place and sometimes sloppy I would have liked to see more of House West, tbh. 

House Ninja -- I thought they were wildly overpraised.  for me they never read as 'ballroom' but rather more like a generic dance troupe.  They were technically good, but honestly I could never look at them and see ambassadors for the essence of ballroom.  They had individually good personalities. Chise for instance is a beast.  And Delores' body is from another dimension.  Her ass is from the Gods.  But yeah, I thought they would have been better suited for something like America's Best Dance Crew competition. 

In the end I am glad Balmain won. I do think their first performance in the finale was much stronger.  As much as I liked Lanvin, they lost me a bit with how bitchy they were about 'Virgin' houses.  And Eryicka's hubris over winning the most trophies was not a good look.

It is a shame about the show losing the audience in the end. There was definitely an anti-climactic feel to the finale.  You can tell it was rushed and done on a little bit of a shoestring.  They didn't have the quite the elaborate extras they had in the previous challenges.  Unavoidable and understandable given the circumstances.  But still a shame.

I hope if they do a second season, they have a better judging line-up or at least one that brings a little more knowledge and speak about their judging in ways better than "I just didn't feel it."  But over all this was fun and Law can still kick rocks.

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….AAAnd Deshaun and his cheekbones are back!!  Season 2 baby!

First Episode first five houses:

Nina Oricci

  • Strong right out the gate, even the other groups noticed rhar.
  • Allura was very eye pulling.  She used that hair very effectively!
  • Glad Law spoke to the look.  That is his strength.


  • Did not expect that backstory on Shannon Balenciaga.  17.5 million dollars.  Damn.
  • Too bad she fell but they recovered well, and she does give great face. 
  • Honey was good. T
  • he synchronization was good.
  • Honestly I wasn’t as impressed with them as with Oricci.
  • I felt the judges did grade on the House’s rep a little bit.


  • Their floorwork was really good. 
  • Wasn’t impressed by their look.
  • Did not agree with Law's assessment.
  • I was more in sync with the rest of the judges


  • I agreed with Law (I am shocked with myself, LOL)
  • It was a mess. 
  • No real synchronization, no musicality. Just all over the place.


  • Love the tidbit about Diego and Shannon Balenciaga.  I
  • Fab entrance. 
  • They worked the hell out of their music. 
  • And yes they looked like Power Rangers!  LOL. 
  • I liked them, but I think (like Balenciaga) they got a boost on score based on rep.


The look on the members of team Chanel’s face when MM performed was hysterical.

Overall I agreed with the bottom two house rankings.

I agree with Law (again, shocking!) that I wasn’t impressed with the final battle.  But I still think he chose who to keep for his own personal reasons and the judges let him sway them.

Overall I was so very pleasantly surprised by Oricci.  Shannio Balenciaga and Allura Orrici were individual stand outs for me personally.


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I watched all 3 episodes so my notes may be heavier on Episode 3.

I am rooting for House Balenciaga and House Miyake-Mugler.  I was rooting for House Prodigy as well.

The thing about House Balenciaga is that having been introduced to Honey last season, I tend to focus more on her than the rest of the House. I am in love with Mother Shannon Balenciaga, though.  "I don't dance!  C'mere. I. Don't. Dance!" 

In the Tinseltown Ball, nearly all the Houses made the correct member selection for "Face".  House Luxe was already down a member due to injury; why oh why didn't they make Becky the Face?  We ended up focusing on him the most during the performance.  Akasha had that deer in headlights look the entire time, poor baby.

I didn't like Tati's dress during the Miyake-Mugler performance.

Mother Stasha Garcon, is flawless. 

I applaud the Houses who pressed through personal tragedies.  I don't want to cry through these episodes, Legendary! 

Loved seeing Jamari Balmain and Carlos Lanvin!

Law is bringing his best Simon Cowell and I'm not mad.  So will he be the All-Around Mother of House Luxe? It fits. Heh.

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Episode 2 next five houses:


  • Strong look and concept, but I wouldn’t have used this theme as my intro march. Not elegant enough.  I think you need glamor or editorial here, And this wasn’t it.
  • Good synchronization
  • I actually (Ack!) agree with Law and got more of a generic dance vibe than Ballroom-Vogue element vibe from them.
  • They are scrappy though


  • Oh no she di’int buss out an “I am not like other girls”
  • I did not agree with La on them  at all,  but I knew he would like their look. At least he owns his superficiality. So points to him.
  • I agreed more with Jameela, I didn’t feel a lot of the energy and there was some sloppiness
  • They were just ai'ight to me. I wonder if they are gonna be this season’s House of Ninja for me?

Comme des Garcon

  • Milan is Gorgeous!  Also legs for days!!
  •  Stasha is Gorgeous Gorgeous! Holy cow!
  • I felt like I just wanted to hang out with them
  • They were Sexy!! And showcased better Vogue elements, imo, than Milan.
  • I enjoyed them the most.
  • And Ha!  Somebody from the House of Milan made a catty remark only to get their wig snatched when the scores were read.


  •   Loved the Industrial vibe and look of their music and performance
  •  Agreed with Jameela more than Law.  I think his criticism was a little harsh,.
  •  But I also agreed with Liomy, They were good but needed a bit more of... something.


  • Probably the best looking house overall each member individually is very attractive.
  • Stanley with the ballet training and freakishly long limbs!
  • They were sick!!  Looked great.
  • They did kill it.
  • They did the best but I still think I personally liked Commes Des Garcon the most.

Again I agree with the bottom two and the eventual evictee.  Even the reasoning for it.

Between these first two eps so far my favorites are: Miyake-Mugler, Orrici, Commes Des Garcon and Tisci.    Shannon Balenciaga, alone , though makes me also root for Balenciaga.

Law isn’t as terrible as I remember him being Season 1.  But yeah, only two eps so far. He's got time to annoy me.  LOL


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Episode 3: Tinseltown (Selling Face with Hollywood Glamor.)

DaShaun giving me life in his smoking jacket.  He was so dapper.

Ooh look they done brought Uncle Clifford on as a guest judge! And he was EXCELLENT!

Commes Des Garcon

  • They were gorge!
  • I agree with Law’s nitpick re: Stasha’s dress
  • But overall they were excellent.  Definitely understood the assignment
  • Stasha gives FACE!


Nina Orrici

  • I loved their version of a black speakeasy/juke joint
  • Again I agree with Law!
  • They looked like they were having fun and I was having fun with them
  • Honestly I thought the ‘Giving Face’ was the weakest part


  • My first impression of them cemented
  • They were a mess
  • They were not even attractive


  • They look like they just gave up
  • Not sure who was supposed to give face?
  • Again, I agree with Law.  They were depressing
  • Where was the Hollywood Glamor?


  • Kylie Icon is beautiful. Excellent choice to give face.
  • I liked the psychedelic 60s theme
  • I wish the femme queens were more Twiggy Mod 60s and less feathers/Valley of the Dolls 60s
  • It did take a minute for Kylie to give face, but she is so pretty


  • Shannon Balenciaga is charisma on a stick. Damn! How does she spin while looking like she couldn’t even be bothered to move?
  • I FLOVED them!
  • I liked their mannered presentation a nice change from the other house presentations that were super energetic
  • Their look was fire and they worked it!


  • 40s glam noir is my jam and their costumes were spot on
  • Their choreo was fab
  • I think Law underscored them
  • I agree with Jameela and Leiomy that Tati – as the person giving face – moved too much. They needed to give her still moments to pose


  • Simone is really otherworldly beautiful
  • They were fab!
  • Precision was perfect
  • Another group that understood the assignment.  This is how you give the person 'showing face' the frame and space and time to do just that!


The Houses this year did not come to play!  The competition really is heads and shoulders above last season already.  For me it was a three way tie with Tisci, Commes Des Garcon and Balenciaga – with a sliight edge going to Commes Des Garcon.

My top houses (Tisci, Miyake-Mugler, Commes Des Garcon and Orrici) are still my faves but Balenciaga moved right up.  They were great

I always love it when they show reactions of other houses after one house gives a killer performance.  The looks on the faces of the House of Luxe after Tisci performed was like seeing the air let out of a balloon.  They looked ever more demoralized.  LOL.

Once again I am giving big snaps to Uncle Clifford.  He is exactly the type of guest judge I wanted to see last season. And Law is not annoying me.  Rather than being bitchy he is coming off as a tough person with better critiques.

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I really loved this episode. The theme, pop art with hiphop, was great and each of the houses gave top notch performances AND looked like they were having fun. The judges also seemed to be super excited with every performance, which I like better than when they're surly or "fighting" with each other.

That being said, damn I miss Chise! Every battle I've seen, I've said to myself, "Chise would've eaten that shit up!" I hope they bring her in as as assassin or something.

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Episode 5:

Listen, Mother Shannon Balenciaga? Did not come to play with these heauxs.  You know what? She was right to chop Tonka Garcon from the Body category because the judges would have ate that up!  I loved the fact that Megan was scandalized and that's probably why Shannon popped her kitty in front of her.  Mother Stasha Garcon isn't no slouch either.  Diego... He was yummy! Dro Tisci can also get it.  

It was the Icon's time to go. I did have to agree with the judges on how the Muglers seem less family-like compared to the Icons.  Yes, Malik tore Father Jamil Icon up, and rightfully won the battle.  I'm sure they feel a bit torn up after the judges critiques.

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Episode 4:

Seven Deadly Sins -Serving Spin

I loved how each of the judges represented a sin.  That was a nice bit of meta.

Normani is guest judge.  Another excellent guest judge.


Tisci – Wrath

  • They looked SICK! 
  • I agree about the footwear. LOL
  • I loved Normani’s commentary especially as she spoke to the technical aspects of dance


Nina Oricci – Lust

  • I agree with the judges they had ‘Lust’ they could have been raunchier and served up more sexual energyl
  • The pole work was great but it fractured the attention
  • It was a gimme category and they flubbed it, imo


Miyake-Migler – Sloth

  • I saw no spins.
  • I agree his face looked like it was full of poop
  • I agree about Arturo constantly adjusting his clothes, very distracting
  • They did do good floor work


Icon – Envy

  • They had a good story idea but sloppy, sloppy, sloppy
  • Law and Normani’s critiques were on the money
  • Again … a gimme category but they totally flubbed it


Milan – Greed

  • Good concept, I immediately understood it, but they like everyone else they flubbed it
  • Spins? What Spins?
  • Performance was all over the place
  • They deserved their score


Commes Des Garcon – Pride

  • Very hard concept, they did convey it better than some of the others
  • Their look was great


Balenciaga – Gluttony

  • Good story and concept
  • Still not feeling the spins


And Milan is gone.  Right choice.




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Episode 5:

DaShaun is killing me with his outfits this season.  I loved all the judges pop arts outfits.  I would wear any of the

Category: Vogue meets hip-hop



  • Their look was fab
  • They looked like they were having fun
  • Definitely hip hop incorporation
  • I wish they had done more synchrosnied movements because their music was ripe for it

Balenciaga –

  • Over praised and over scored
  • I saw no hip hop
  • Why did that boy cry?


  • The ATE that!!!
  • I am gagging!!



  • Most literal interpretation of hip hop
  • Didn’t love the costumes or presentation (I love how they were clowning on the Tati’s pants)
  • Agreed with Meghan about not feeling Basquiat

Nina Orrici-

  • They were great and fun
  • Excellent look
  • Great hip-hop/vogue marry

Commes Des Garcon

  • Their outfits were killer
  • I wasn’t super crazy about about the performance tho

Honestly I would have given the body category to Dro Tisci over Shannon Balenciaga. 

That battle was great. Malik did win it.

I feel bad for Icon. They were not the best house and would not have won but they killed it tonight and it is sad that they went out on a strong performance night.

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18 hours ago, Stardancer Supreme said:

Listen, Mother Shannon Balenciaga? Did not come to play with these heauxs.  You know what? She was right to chop Tonka Garcon from the Body category because the judges would have ate that up!  I loved the fact that Megan was scandalized and that's probably why Shannon popped her kitty in front of her. 

The look on the judges faces when they realized that she really wasn't wearing any underwear. Mother said, "y'all asked for body, you gonna get AAAALLLLLLLL of this!!!!!!" LMAO!

18 hours ago, Stardancer Supreme said:

Diego... He was yummy! Dro Tisci can also get it.  

Yes! All of the guys looked hot!

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Honestly, I think Tisci is probably my hands down favorite at this point.  I have found myself rewinding their performances each show.  They bring a very precise and editorial vision to what they do.  All their stuff has uniformly been really rather clever and sophisticated.  Much more than every other house.  And twice in a row even the houses watching backstage had to give them their props.

Balenciaga, imo, is being very much carried by Shannon.  Without her the rest fade for me.  She is all their charisma and focus.  It is a shame because I think they get overpraised because of it.  And I thought their Barbie thing was probably the least creative of the houses.

Meanwhile I thought Commes Des Garcon's presentation wasn't as sharp and clean as Balenciaga's, their concept was so damned clever and more inventive and much harder to pull off than Balenciaga's. 

Nina Orrici's dropped the ball   Their makeup was SICK and they had all the right elements to make for a cool marionette show, but they did not deliver.  They needed a better concept/perfomance to match their look.  Their duck walk was sublime though!

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Episode 6:

And to think I thought that the Balenciagas would rely too much on Honey... I loves Mother Shannon, though. She done told us that she doesn't dance, so the judges might have to dock a point or two for that.

Can I be a Tisci?  They are my favorite House!  Simone's knees are made of titanium like Megan's, clearly.  I thought Father Orrici would have given her a run for her money, but Simone wouldn't let up!

The Garcons are relying too much on Tonka in their performances. Their look was over, but the performance was slow in parts.


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7. I haaaaate awarding of additional points for the second challenge. Balenciaga’s main challenge was boring and unoriginal - they should have been in the bottom.  Simone was completely right - this was bs. Law needs to stfu. 
8. Wow Law redeemed himself telling off Honey. How utterly disrespectful!   Lol to ChaCha believing scores are based on performance.   Maybe wardrobe crew were Tisci fans. 

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Episode 7 & 8:

I saw the dust up on Twitter about this week's show and I knew that my faves were going home on some bullshyt.   

Listen, I loves the Balenciagas, but they are so sloppy; sloppy to the point that my ballroom virgin eyes can see.  If the Legendary House is chosen through producer shenanigans than the actual competition, it needs to be edited better so that we don't know it!   Now, correct me if I'm wrong; does the Houses get to choose their own footwear when designing their outfits?  Unless Honey was acting the fool backstage once she returned to the competition, she should have been able to get the stilettos she is used to performing in.  Also, the judges were right to tell her to not reveal their performance issues. Other than being sloppy (as usual), I didn't notice Honey slipping. 

The Garcons should not have let Tonka walk the 3 Mice runway.  He was the one who fell out of sync the last Ball!  I loved Mother Stasha's face when she lost the Team Face challenge.  Sometimes it's not good to diss the guest judge! Heh.  Demi was like, "I couldn't see what y'all were seeing. I vote for the one in front of me."

Guess I will be rooting for the Miyake-Muglers.  Just because Honey's contract dictated that she make it to the finals doesn't mean that the Balenciagas automatically win it all...


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