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S16:E07: Into the Red

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Junior risks crossing into Russian waters. Jonathan and Jake attempt an alliance with Keith. Short on options and quota Wild Bill seeks to work in Russia.

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I am so fucking sick of all the double crossing on this show I may just stop watching finally.  What Jonathan and Jake did to Keith after he let them haul his gear was inexcusable. These people are all just assholes.

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Best part of this episode?  No Josh Harris lovefest crammed into the middle.

I thought the "how to eliminate ice" contest was interesting:

Harley and his crew (okay, a crewmember . . . not Harley) used old-fashioned brute force and won the contest.

Sig and the Northwestern used modern technology for a process that was a variation of brute force, but a little slower than manually hitting the ice with a hammer.

Josh and the Cornelia Marie used the process (a blowtorch) that required the least amount of effort but was the most "showboaty" - but lost dismally.  Josh's reaction?  "Well, at least we were warm."  Typical Josh.  Doesn't matter what your goal is, as long as you stay comfy and cozy while not reaching the goal.

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The Goldens never worked out.  Junior (or his backers) lost at least $250K (not counting Disco subsidy, of course).  And he still has the means to buy the F/V Lady Alaska.  

Shenanigans on the Keith "double cross."  There were several days of soaking involved.  The plaintive calls by Keith were simply acted out for the Disco cameras.  There was zero reason for Jake to not tell Keith that his string was paying off.  He knew his season quota was gonna be filled, and then some.

The phony baloney setup we are getting as to Bill's great adventure is another of endless times when Disco feels like they have to make more out of something than the actual truth, which is plenty compelling.  All this stealth being foisted upon us is a joke.  "I know a guy."  Puh-leaze.

Funny that we are getting foreshadowing of a brutally cold Opie season.  Will we get a lecture as to the effect of global cooling on what had been fabulous harvests the previous two warmer seasons?  Nah. 



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