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S01.E02: Severely Weatherbeaten

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After discovering a lead on Sherry Henry's murder, Jackie becomes determined to solve the case. Junior finds himself trapped in a position he can't stomach, and Ray finds he's connecting with his CI Renee in ways that are not professional.

Airdate: May 24, 2020


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Really interesting that the two leads while both being law enforcement to varying degrees are both kind of terrible people. And the one character I kind think is half decent is covering up the whole murdering of a girl.

Of course, with Jackie I am not as bothered by her being somewhat terrible. She is screwed up and while she is right about her lead, she is going about it in the worst way possible. Something tells me if she does find Krista, she is going to bring more trouble on that girl than she already has. The doctor and Junior are both right she is basically switching one addiction to another. I know there is going to be a car crash with her character screwing up everything but I just can't look away. 

However, then there is Ray. Urgh. Speaking as someone who tries to be a good guy, this is the kind of guy who gives good guys a bad name. Thought this last week and glad it was confirmed by the female cop (didn't catch her name) he has a whole 'saving the whore' complex. He really does come off creep with how he acts around her and also with using her kid the way he does. I oddly hope Renee is really playing him and really screws him over.

Then there is Junior who is definitely shady yet oddly I want things to work out for him. Sure he seems to have done things that weren't good but he seems like a better person than Jackie or Ray. He actually was trying to help Jackie in their first conversation and then his date with his ex was really kind of sweet. I have a feeling he is going to get way over his head and may not make it till the end of the season. 

I like the show so far two episodes in. 

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Given the size of her son, I’m guessing Renée got clean when she found out she was pregnant. I don’t think Renée is “in love” with Frankie and abiding by a “stand by your man” approach while he’s in prison. I think she was an addict and he took a shine to her and kept her supplied with drugs, and is now the father of her son. I think she’s scared of him. 

Jackie is such a mess. A mess mess. She could’ve killed someone when she flipped her car over and she’s acting like they want to fire her over a parking ticket. Are we supposed to be rooting for her at this point?

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