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S01.E07: Episode 7

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The guest judge wasn't able to make out the eyes on the anxiety monster? Seriously, the two round things on the front didn't stand out to her? She made herself look dumb there. But I did agree when she said she couldn't really make out the alien and it's arm and all the pieces that were in the original drawing. I couldn't either. I saw the face and that was all.

I think the gnome was better than the anxiety monster. I suppose because I just love garden gnomes. But I am glad "dad and lad" went through.

Henck and Yan seem like very nice people, and they are very talented artists - but dang their costumes are stupid.

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S01.E07: Green Giants


The contestants get their hands dirty in their first challenge outside the dome, planting evergreen giants that burst out of the ground.

Ha, I bet Eoghan and Declan were mad that they missed out on the outdoor landscaping challenge!

When Ryan said he was obsessed with Jurassic Park as a kid, it made me love him. Their t rex looked amazing. It looked like it was bursting out of the ground and the bamboo teeth looked so great.

Jordan and Sarah's gnome was very simplistic in design. The most positive aspect about it was that it was pretty obvious what it was.

Yan and Henck's alien face was great but the rest looked like a bush that it's hiding in. Yes, it was big but I didn't see the hand or whatever else they said was there. Everything but the face was just a wall of green.

Jim and Ralph's anxiety monster was so personal. It was so sweet to hear them talk about Jim's mental health issues. There is obviously a lot of love, understanding, and communication between them. I really liked that they created a space where Jim could sit inside his monster. Unfortunately, the monster looked a little messy in its execution.

Ryan and Andrew really deserved to win this week. Their concept was much clearer and better executed than Yan and Henck's alien. It was by far the best creation this week. That's three best in blooms now!

Sarah and Jordan's gnome had a clearer concept than Jim and Ralph's anxiety monster, but Sarah and Jordan's gnome was also too simple in design so I understood why they were sent home. For something THAT simple, it should have been amazing but it ended up looking juvenile and they barely finished it. At least Jim and Ralph's monster was a bit more creative. To be honest, I think their story is what saved them, but I'm okay with that because it's not like the gnome was super amazing.

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What happened to the alien spacecraft?  They just spliffed on that, right?


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Sarah was kind of bitchy to the artists about the red plants.  They shouldn't be allowed to use all of the plants of one color.

Kristen gushed over Henck an Yan yet again

I love the father and son.  That man loves his son so much.  

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