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Hannah Gadsby - Douglas (Netflix)

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I saw this show live last year and it's worth watching just for the explanation of the name of the show! 

To be honest, I didn't enjoy Douglas as much Nanette, but to be fair I saw one of the first dates on the tour so I felt like she wasn't quite settled into the material yet. Still worth seeing though!

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I finally got around to watching Nanette this weekend, and then watched Douglas this morning.

Nanette is astounding and so very specific, so there's no truly comparing this - or anything - to that, but it's every bit a worthy successor.  I love the prologue clearly laying out what to expect in Douglas; this one will be just as unapologetically on her terms, and there will be direct address of the expectations and hatred she was catapulted into.  It's very well paced, fantastically intelligent, equal parts heartfelt and hilarious, and targets all the right people and systems (and indeed I did forget about the promised Louis C.K. reference, so the mic drop totally worked on me). 

I laughed throughout and disturbed my cat with a couple of fist-raised cheers.  The art history lecture was brilliant, I could listen to her take the piss out of the patriarchy all day long, and every word about the anti-vaccination cult was gold.  How valuable her different way of thinking is, and how much she loves it despite the difficulties that come with living with autism, was beautifully illustrated.  Great stuff about the results of naming things having always been done by men, and about men calling women hormonal whenever they do something the man failed to predict.  I also loved the lighter stuff she turns into a pufferfish about; that will be my term for when I get het up with disproportionate rage. 


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If Hannah did actually quit comedy she would make an amazing Art History Professor.

I loved this as much as Nanette.  Obviously didn't hit me in the gut as much but it was still such a delight to watch.  She has such a unique way of working her personal stories with classical comedy styles I just want more and more.

I'm never going to open another suitcase again without thinking about the Pouch of Douglas.

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While this didn't have the same emotional resonance for me as Nanette I still loved it. It was precisely the warm, intelligent, hilarious balm my soul needed this week. 

It's difficult to pinpoint highlights because there wasn't a single bit that didn't hit but I particularly loved her riff on American English vs. UK English vs. Australian English and her observations about small talk at the dog park (UGH!) Her entire art history lecture was gold as were her shots at the anti-vaccine movement. 

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