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S02.E01: Literally Jumping the Shark

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I didn't watch this show last season, but I caught the Fanny Pack rerun last night and had a good time. So I watched this episode and enjoyed it. It had some funny laughs, and I even yelled out when some of the puts made it or didn't make it. It's a good brainless way to spend an hour, something I could use every night instead of just once a week. Even if it does look like I am alone here.


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I watched this last season, and they sure upped the budget this year. I feel badly for the people knocked in the water in what seems to be pretty cold temperatures, given what the audience is wearing. The Frankenstein hole seemed pretty dangerous too.

Is this what Jon Lovitz’ career has come to?

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13 hours ago, Rickster said:

Is this what Jon Lovitz’ career has come to?

He's a regular on Funny You Should Ask. But it was a surprise to see him on this show.

The players being caught on fire and playing through that, then being electrocuted ... they must have to sign lots of waivers!

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Yes, the water looked cold, but at least it looks clean.   I'm looking forward to this one.    I really enjoy the obstacles.    

I remember the Japanese Ninja Warrior show, and the water on that was almost always very cold, and looked very dirty.   The crowd was often wearing heavy coats too, so the water must have been freezing. 

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Am loving the changes I've seen so far especially the new holes -- some of those are omg ouch, though. I thought Lovitz was a great add. Last season they'd have on these great guest stars (I think Bill Shatner was one), but they'd be in the booth for a few minutes, not really say much, and that was it. I felt they really missed some opportunities.

I also liked that they showed more of the competition. Last year they'd introduce the players, but then we didn't get to see all of them play, just told which one had moved ahead. Last year I also got the feeling it was filmed and then Rob and Joe would be spliced in later after the writers had had a chance to write scripts. It might still be that way by episode 1 felt more natural.

There were two lines I especially loved: "Course Marshal Joe is still alive?!? Pay up." The second was a contestant fussing that getting hit by the windmill was "gonna huuurrrt," and the camera cut to Rob who was doubled over laughing. 

Good times! Looking forward to the rest of the season.

eta: I think I have a bit of a crush on Rob Riggle. 

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I watched it! I know I expected it to be better and all, but I am amazed  

Lots of new stuff! I looooved the Polcano round. The fact that it's just 1 of 18 regular rounds and is essentially a vastly improved version of last season's final round says it all - everything has been improved tenfold this time.

The bathrooms (while a bit smackwally) were fun and I could see someone clinging onto a door and getting around it, so not terrible I guess).

Dutch Courage was a deserving enough round to return and the fifth blade makes a huge difference! The skit with the lady being afraid to pass it was brill. I was actually expecting a drawbridge feature from reading that article though, so I was a bit disappointed with that  

Dragon's Breath is visually impressive so I can see why they started with it. Not too enjoyable to watch I admit, but still. Same with the electricity final - although that wasn't even very impressive-lookjng. As the article thing said, I don't just want to watch people get shocked! I also thought that those boxes on the course we're there to automatically electrocute the player when the ball hit them, rather than just having them electrocuted after every putt. I honestly would've preferred that version.

The plank and shark round is great! We'll see lots of fun stuff there, I think. Maybe a bit more of a penalty for the person who hits the ball farther from the X though - perhaps the contestant has to hit the ball themselves, while blindfolded. As it was this time, blindfolding the pirate barely hurt his putt!

The Log Roll round is fun! Just like Wipeout's obstacle. It'd be awesome if they used a few of the simple twists from Wipeout (Rolling Stones, Brush Rush, Wrecking Ball), but it's already fun to watch. And for some reason Rob suddenly stating that the hole sucked made me actually LOL. Loved it.

Consolidating the rounds was a great idea, since they couldn't be trusted to fairly skip rounds in season 1 (RIP Sweet Spot). Plus, it'll lead to obstacles being used less, which is even better. Plus you know who everyone is now!

Not a huge fan of the fact that there're all serious golfers now (according to the trailer), but whatev. Maybe it'd take too long otherwise (I'd probably be happily fishing my ball out of the water for the 20th time with most of these, after all!).

Don't know why it was cartoon Steph Curry though. I thought coronavirus at first, but then we did see him in one bit, didn't we?

Awesome episode. And there's still like 11(?) unseen holes?! As long as they mix them up in different orders and combinations I will most certainly watch this season through. I saw a hole with a giant drink and fries in a YouTube video (will try to link here) which looks intriguing. It's probably connected to a picture of a giant fork they posted on Instagram, I'd guess!

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I'm watching the rerun of this episode, and I must have missed it the first time around.   I love this.   The poor golfers that end up soaked from the zip line look like they're freezing.   Rob certainly was in fine form for this episode.  

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